Service of external economic agent – Ukraine

The logistics company Corcel provides service of external economic agent in Ukraine.

Our experience of maintenance of international economic activity for customers since 2008 allows us to provide services of external economic agent with strict compliance with the requirements of the legislation, as well as taking into account the risks that arise in practice.


On the basis of a commission agreement, we will act on your behalf in the international operations. Thus, your company will not have to fulfill the requirements necessary for the implementation of foreign economic activity.

According to the commission agreement, one party is acting on behalf the other party due to the second party orders and at the expense of the latter.

Within the import / export / transit operations, we can:

– Accompany the negotiations with non-resident counterparties;

– Conclude (as a party) a foreign economic contract;

– Insure the cargo;

– Deliver the goods and provide customs clearance;

– Provide other services.

Services of external economic agent in Ukraine:

  • Close out you need:
  • To conclude foreign trade agreements (respectively, to issue foreign currency account, perform calculations currency and buy it, get accreditation at customs);
  • To enter into a contract of carriage and storage of goods;
  • To be engaged in customs clearance.
  • The service presuppose:
  • Commission Agreement between Corcel and your company;
  • The contract between us and the foreign contractor;
  • Customs clearance by us “turnkey” and delivery of cargo;
  • The transfer of all the documents for the goods to you.


The price the service?

We do not publish a price list so as not to mislead customers.

Price of these services depends on many factors: the category of the goods and the need to obtain permits, customs value, country of origin, the prices of delivery, the need for storage and so on.

If you are interested in exact price of the services of external economic agent on your project, contact us via email or phone numbers listed in Contacts.

Commission agreement in Ukrainian legislation?

Article 1011 of the Civil Code defines “According to the commission agreement one party (a commission agent) undertakes on behalf of another party (the principal) for a fee to perform one or more transactions on own behalf, but at the expense of the principal.”

In accordance with Article 1018 of the Civil Code of Ukraine “property acquired by the commission at the expense of the principal, is the property of the principal.

Is the Corcel Ukrainian company?

The Corcel is Ukrainian company, founded in 2008 in Kharkov (registration documents). We are a member of the European Business Association (EBA) and the Association of International Road Carriers of Ukraine.

Oksana Kostyuchenko
Manager of administative activities


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