Freight Insurance. Ukraine – EU


A proper cargo and freight insurance is very important for sustainable international transportation. We insure freights for customers since 2008.

Thanks to the experience of cargo insurance and contacts with Ukrainian and European insurance companies, we offer: 1) the optimal size of the insurance premium for each specific load, 2) a reliable insurance company.

We insure:

  • goods in international traffic;
  • the cost and risks of freight.

Cargo/freight insurance with Corcel:

  • Comprehensive and individual selection of the conditions of insurance;
  • Favorable ratio of the sum insured and the insurance payment;
  • Choosing the best type of insurance: all the risks, private accident, any damage except for crashes;
  • Proper documentation of an insurance for the international carriage;
  • A choice between Ukrainian and EU insurance companies;
  • Calculation and signing insurance documents without delay;
  • Support for insurance cases.

When insuring cargo it is important to consider which party is responsible for the safety of the cargo. In various operations (due to Incoterms) responsibility may lie on the sender and the recipient. Therefore, for an appropriate insurance it is important to know the basic conditions of supply in accordance with the Incoterms that will be used for transportation.

Since 2008, we have gained considerable experience in insuring risks at the best conditions, providing reliable coverage.

We insure cargoes in the Ukrainian and European insurance companies.

The Corcel provides assistance in cargo insurance “turnkey” – You do not have to spend time on communication with third parties.

When insuring your goods, we will:

  1. Conclude a one-time contract of insurance or general contract for a fixed term (for the regular supply);
  2. Include coverage for damage during loading / unloading and storage capability (which is important in international transportation).

We guarantee that the cargo insurance with us is not just a formality, but an effective risks protection.

Questions or concerns?

What is the cost of insurance of goods in international transportation?

An insurance premiums depends on the conditions of insurance (the nature of the risks covered, the insured amount, etc.). If you are interested in the cost of insurance, please contact us by e-mail logistic@corcel.com.ua or use phone numbers listed in the Contacts.

We provide advice on insurance, quickly calculate the payment and let you know the cost. When transporting with Corcel insurance cost will be lower than the average, as insurance companies take into account the quality of transport and the reliability of the carrier responsible for delivery of the goods.

Insurance case?

If an insurance case occurs, we’ll help you to receive the compensation.


what people say about us


Since 2008 Corcel is a trusted logistics partner for the Logrus.

Corcel’s Director Anna Khaustova behaves as a high-skilled and wise leader in any, even the most difficult situation, and nowadays that’s a fairly rare phenomenon in the logistics sector.

CEO. Logrus

Corcel’s team showed a high expertise in selection of vehicles and preparation of financial documentation.

I’d like to emphasize a flexible approach of Company which lies in the taking into consideration of different customer’s requests.

Head of a commercial department. The Group of companies “SODRUZHESTVO”

For many years Corcel provides Pavimentos Arrondo S. A. with high-quality logistics services for export and import of our products.

During our cooperation Corcel shows a good work completely fulfilling its obligations.


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