Oversized cargo transportation

International oversized transportation occupies a special place among our services. This type of work requires special care and attention, as careless transportation and loading is not only fraught with damage to the cargo, but also creates a potential danger to employees. “Corcel” guarantees high quality: we have a wide experience of oversized international transport from Europe.

What is oversized cargo?

According to paragraph 23.5 of the traffic rules, this category includes products with the following parameters:

  • length over 16 m;
  • height from 4 m;
  • width more than 2.55 m.

Usually it is about:

  • building structures and mechanisms;
  • metal structures;
  • industrial and medical equipment;
  • road and construction equipment.

The type of cargo determines the characteristics of its transportation. For example, medical technology requires compliance with the temperature and the absence of roll. The latter is monitored by electronic sensors mounted on the equipment case.

Features of international transport of oversized cargo.

Usually for the delivery of oversize from Europe used road transport: various trailers, low-bed semi-trailers, tractors and trucks. Special means and devices for fixing and loading goods are also used. For example, truck cranes are involved in the delivery of oversized and heavy loads.

Sea transportation of oversized cargo can also be used: it allows you to transport products of absolutely any weight and size, as well as large quantities. Pluses of sea delivery – low price and complete safety of the cargo due to the tightness of the containers. However, this type of delivery takes longer in time.

Trucking is balanced by cost and time. Carry loads with «Corcel»! Our company provides comprehensive international transportation of oversized cargo.

We perform:

  • registration of permitting and accompanying documentation;
  • determination of the optimal route;
  • cargo insurance;
  • control at all stages of transportation;
  • assistance in customs clearance;
  • consultations on all issues.

Cost is determined individually and consists of:

  • distance and route;
  • delivery times;
  • dimensions and type of cargo;
  • list of services.

You can find out the exact price that is relevant to you from our employees. Order a consultation now!

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