Cargo transportation to Poland, cargo delivery from Poland to Ukraine.

Due to the proximity of the countries and the common border, the delivery of goods from Poland is widely demanded. This service is used by various Ukrainian companies, private entrepreneurs and individuals. And the company “Corcel” helps to carry out shipping quickly and without the slightest problem.

What carry from Poland?

The most popular products are:

  • Appliances;
  • household chemicals;
  • cosmetics;
  • Food;
  • clothes and shoes;
  • goods for kids.

Polish-made products are not inferior in quality to goods from other European countries, but they are significantly lower in price. This explains the popularity of freight Ukraine-Poland.

Features of freight

Considering the proximity of countries and the existence of a common border, road freight from Poland is most often used. This type of transportation is suitable for all types of cargo. Our company uses a variety of transport:

  • trucks for transportation of medium-sized goods (clothing, household appliances, etc.);
  • refrigerators with a certain temperature regime for the delivery of food;
  • special transport for the transport of dangerous goods;
  • trailers, semi-trailers, platforms for transportation of oversized cargo (industrial and agricultural equipment, building materials, etc.).

Groupage cargo delivery from Poland to Ukraine It is worth saying more about this service, as transportation of groupage cargo. In Poland, not only large companies are bought, but also small firms, entrepreneurs, individuals. The volume of their purchases is small, because the general transportation of a separate wagon in this case is not suitable.

In this case, we recommend using Poland-Ukraine groupage freight. The scheme is as follows:

  • small orders are delivered to a consolidation warehouse in Poland;
  • orders are sorted, marked, packed;
  • a single package of documents for consolidated cargo is issued (orders of different customers combined in one container or wagon);
  • groupage shipped to Ukraine, passes customs;
  • Orders are sorted and sent to consignees.

Delivery time increases slightly due to the formation of the party, but the wait pays off due to savings: the cost of delivery is divided between customers. This is the perfect solution for small batches or one-time purchases.

Complex cargo transportation from «Corcel»

Our goal – is to make cargo transportation to Poland from Ukraine and back convenient for customers. We offer a comprehensive solution that will save you from the need to personally deal with transportation. You only sign the contract and give us the goods further concerns lie on our shoulders.

Our offer:

  • warehouse services using our own warehouses in Poland;
  • customs clearance;
  • risk insurance.

Possible, cooperation on a one-time or permanent basis, as well as logistics outsourcing.

Our experts will prepare for you a profitable offer based on your needs. Just leave a request or call 044 333-32-28.

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