Cargo delivery Poland – Ukraine. Regular freight

We deliver goods from Poland to Ukraine

We carry cargoes from Poland to Ukraine, this route is among the key focus of the logistics company Corcel.

We are professionals in a road transportation between Ukraine and the EU, the route Poland-Ukraine is of a high demand among our customers.

If you need to have regular delivery of goods from Poland to Ukraine been well-organized – we are able to develop all relevant processes and take the maintenance of this route “turnkey” (full logistics outsourcing). Well managed services of the logistics company Corcel will allow your staff not to be involved in the issues of cargo transportation. At the same time you’ll always have an access to a transparent monitoring of the current stage of carrying of the particular cargo.

Thanks to our warehouses, regular freights from Poland to Ukraine (and in a reverse direction), own trucks, we always offer very competitive prices for delivery of goods from Poland.

If you need a one-time delivery, our experts will help you to organize it optimally within general or complete cargo.