Cargo delivery from Italy to Ukraine

Cargo delivery from Italy to Ukraine

Thanks to our experience of the logistics company Corcel (since 2008), we can arrange implement cargo delivery from Italy to Ukraine of any complexity.

We specialize in road transportation between Ukraine and the EU countries. Route Italy – Ukraine has always been of high demand among our customers, this makes trucking with us always fast and at competitive prices.

If the activity of your company requires regular delivery of goods from the territory of Italy – we can take over the transportation needs of your company on this route under the terms of contract logistics (“turnkey”). Your employees will be able to control the whole process, but do not put their time resource for the organization of transportation and customs clearance.

Thanks to regular runs of our cars from Italy to Ukraine (and in a reverse direction), own fleet and warehouse in Italy and customs brokers, we guarantee always competitive prices for delivery of goods in this direction.

If you are interested in a single cargo delivery, our experts will help organize it in the most optimal way.


Our own trucks fleet exceeds 80 units (Euro 5 standard). This makes the delivery of goods from Italy to Ukraine with Corcel reliable and inexpensive.

Warehousing Services

The Corcel has 2 warehouses in the EU. When necessary, we’ll provide storage / consolidation service.

Customs clearance

We’ll carry out for you all communication with the customs authorities of Italy and Ukraine. Full list of documents related to the cargo will be given to you.


ВAll your risks are fully insured. We’ll insure your cargo in a reliable insurance company.

Questions or concerns?

How can I find out the price of delivery from Italy?

Send us your request to e-mail or call by phone and Skype listed in Contacts. Please feel free to use the button “Request a Quote”.

Our manager will promptly and accurately inform you the final cost for the delivery, and if you are interested in delivery of your goods from Italy on a regular basis (logistics outsourcing) – we will calculate the approximate cost of the service.

What are the main cities of delivery?

The main cities of delivery from Italy to Ukraine:

  • Rome;
  • Naples,
  • Palermo;
  • Genoa;
  • as well as Bari, Catania, Bologna and Florence.
Where is the company Corcel located?

Kharkiv, pr. Moscow, 199 / D5, Ukraine, 61037.

Office in Kiev – Moscow Ave, 6, office 503.

Office in Dnipropetrovsk – st. Shirshov, 18, office 302.


Is the Corcel a Ukrainian company?

Yes, Corcel was founded in 2008 in Kharkov, Ukraine (registration certificates are available by the link).

Over ninety percent of our corporate traffic is transportation from the EU (in particular Italy) to Ukraine. We have a deep understanding of Ukrainian realities and have relevant experience in the transport sector which is important not only for a successful delivery of your cargo, but also for customs clearance and documentary support.

The Corcel is a member of the European Business Association (EBA) and the Association of International Road Carriers of Ukraine.

Full customs clearance?

Yes. For deliveries of goods from Italy to Ukraine, our company can provide these services “turnkey”.

Read more about the customs clearance.

What are your advantages?

Delivery of goods by road from Europe is a key sphere of ​​our services.

We have:

  • Fleet – 80 trucks, standard Euro 5;
  • Warehouses in Spain and Poland.

This allows us to carry goods by roads at competitive prices, guaranteeing customers safe and timely delivery.

what people say about us


Since 2008 Corcel is a trusted logistics partner for the Logrus.

Corcel’s Director Anna Khaustova behaves as a high-skilled and wise leader in any, even the most difficult situation, and nowadays that’s a fairly rare phenomenon in the logistics sector.

CEO. Logrus

Corcel’s team showed a high expertise in selection of vehicles and preparation of financial documentation.

I’d like to emphasize a flexible approach of Company which lies in the taking into consideration of different customer’s requests.

Head of a commercial department. The Group of companies “SODRUZHESTVO”

For many years Corcel provides Pavimentos Arrondo S. A. with high-quality logistics services for export and import of our products.

During our cooperation Corcel shows a good work completely fulfilling its obligations.


Oksana Kostyuchenko
Manager of administative activities


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