Cargo delivery from Italy to Ukraine, cargo transportation from Italy.

Italian products are highly valued in Europe, including Ukraine. Delivery from Italy is in demand among a wide range of clients: organizations, private entrepreneurs, individuals. In all these cases, the company Corcel will come to the rescue. We carry out the delivery of goods from Italy in the shortest possible time and at the lowest prices.

What do they carry from Italy?

The most popular product categories are:

  • clothes and accessories;
  • cosmetics;
  • Food;
  • electronics;
  • auto parts

Our company carries out transportation of the specified products, as well as goods that are not included in this list, including oversized (industrial equipment, etc.) and hazardous (petroleum products, fuels and lubricants, etc.).

Features of transportation Italy-Ukraine

Considering the continental location of both countries, road transport is the best way to deliver, they account for about 70% of the freight traffic. They are optimal in price and speed: cheaper than air delivery, faster than sea and rail. Delivery is possible within a couple of weeks.

In winter, the time may be slightly increased, since the bulk of production is located in the north of the Apennine Peninsula (Turin, Milan, Genoa), where there is a potential danger of avalanches.

However, in general, the condition of the Italian roads is of high quality, which positively affects the speed of delivery of goods from Italy to Ukraine.

What do we offer?

“Corcel” performs a comprehensive delivery from Italy to Ukraine. Our services include:

  • paperwork;
  • customs clearance;
  • cargo insurance against loss and damage;
  • warehouse services.

Our company uses a variety of vehicles, including:

  • trucks;
  • trailers and semi-trailers;
  • platforms;
  • special equipment for transportation of ADR-goods;

This allows us to carry out of delivery any complexity. We will easily select the optimal vehicle with the desired capacity.

In addition to general cargo, you can also order delivery of groupage cargo from Italy. This service is recommended for retail and small wholesale. It involves combining several orders into one shipment and delivering them in this form to the territory of Ukraine. Here the party is disbanded, and purchases are sent by customers. The cost of transportation is divided into all.

What type of delivery is suitable for you: general cargo or groupage – which transport will be optimal, you can learn from our experts.

Our advantages

The company “Corcel” guarantees all customers:

  • favorable rates for international shipping, including from Italy;
  • maximum efficiency;
  • transportation in accordance with the storage conditions;
  • determination and implementation of the optimal delivery scheme depending on the type of cargo, distance and customer requirements;
  • professional advice at any convenient time.

Order a consultation now! Call: 044 333-32-28.

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