Cargo delivery from Germany to Ukraine, cargo transportation to Germany

Cargo delivery from Germany is among popular transport services. Its demand is due to the reliable position of Germany in the international market. It exports a wide range of products. Local manufacturers cooperate with large and small companies, as well as individual entrepreneurs from Ukraine.
Our company will help to make this trade cooperation simple and convenient. We carry out transportation of goods from Germany to Ukraine of any complexity.

Most popular loads Most often we are talking about international freight:

  • industrial and agricultural machinery;
  • cars and parts;
  • raw materials for the food industry;
  • building materials;
  • clothes and shoes;
  • other consumer goods.

Our company works with any types of cargo described, as well as those that are not included in this list: oversized, dangerous (ADR), etc. Extensive fleet allows us to transport all types of goods, considering their features. For example, temperature-controlled refrigerators are used to deliver perishable goods from Germany to Ukraine, and special vehicles are used to transport ADR cargoes.Cargo transportation Germany-Ukraine: from general to national teams «Corcel» company cooperates with a wide range of clients. We welcome both large companies and small firms and entrepreneurs. We work with lots of any size and find a profitable offer depending on the type and weight of the load and the distance. So, the most popular service is general cargo transportation to Germany or vice versa. They assume the freight of a whole container or vehicle, usually a wagon. Given the continental location of the country and its relative proximity to Ukraine, automobile delivery is optimal.Rail freight from Germany (and, accordingly, container freight) can also be used. However, today more and more entrepreneurs and companies are purchasing small quantities or piece goods. In this case, renting a vehicle or container becomes unprofitable. «Corcel» recommends groupage freight. They involve the consolidation of orders from different customers in one container, while the cost of transportation is divided into all. Choose the optimal type of transportation will help our staff. They will tell you which option is more beneficial for you.

Additional services

Cargo transportation Ukraine-Germany – is a complex process involving the execution of a package of documents and tracking the safety of goods. We will make the procedure simple for you. You can order a full range of related services from us:

  • customs clearance;
  • cargo insurance against damage and risks;
  • storage and warehousing services (using our own warehouses in the EU).

Also available is the development and implementation of integrated logistics solutions, involving minimal customer participation. Relieve yourself from the hassle, entrust trucking to experts!

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