Delivery of goods from Turkey to Ukraine

Delivery of goods from Turkey to Ukraine and CIS

One of the main activities of Corcel is to deliver cargoes from Turkey to Ukraine.

Turkey is a dynamically developing country, one of the largest trading partners of Ukraine today.

Ukraine imports the following product groups from Turkey: textiles, leather and leather products, shoes, vegetables, fruits and dried fruits, olive oil, fish and many other food products, paper, household chemicals, cosmetics, polymers, stone artifacts, pottery, terracotta, glass, electronics, vehicles, spare parts, cars, air conditioning systems, medical devices, furniture.

Shipping of cargoes from Turkey to Ukraine can be accomplished in several ways:

  • Air transportation
  • Railway transportation
  • Maritime transportation (container transportation from ports)
  • Road transportation

Corcel specializes in road transportations from Turkey to Ukraine because we own our own fleet of vehicles (more than 80 cars of Euro-5 standard).

Road transportation from Turkey to Ukraine may have several options for the route:

  • Route:Turkey-Bulgaria-Romania-Ukraine
  • By ferry (Istanbul-Odessa, Istanbul-Ilyichevsk)

Delivery of goods on the route Turkey – Ukraine takes 4 to 14 days depending on the type of cargo:

  • Transportation with a full load takes 4 to 7 days, as there is no need to make loading and unloading at the intermediate stages of transportation;
  • Transportation with a partial load (consolidated cargo) takes 7 to 14 days, as there are several cargoes for several recipients into the vehicle, and it is necessary to deliver them to final destination point in time.

We deliver from Turkey:

  • perishable goods;
  • complete and modular cargoes;
  • outsized cargoes;
  • cosmetics and perfumes;
  • medications;
  • ADR cargoes;
  • generators and compressors;
  • milk and dairy products;
  • household equipment;
  • clothing and textiles.

Due to the constant truck runs from Turkey to Ukraine, as well as the presence of our own fleet, transportation of any cargo will be implemented by Corcel on time and at competitive rates.


Due to the constant truck runs from Turkey to Ukraine, as well as the presence of our own fleet, transportation of any cargo will be implemented by Corcel on time and at competitive rates.


If necessary, we provide storage of your goods at our warehouses on the territory of Ukraine.

Customs clearance

Corcel provides a full range of services on customs clearance of different types of cargo both in Turkey and in Ukraine. All communication on the passage of the customs control we provide ourselves. Documents for registration of the goods will be handed over to you.


Your cargo and all risks will be insured in a reliable company.

Questions or concerns?

How to get the shipping cost from Turkey?

Send your inquiry to our E-mail logistic@corcel.com.ua or call via numbers or in Skype in Contacts.

Also, transportation costs can be calculated by clicking “Request a Rate”

Our team immediately begin to process your request and will inform you with the final cost of transportation. If you are interested in the delivery of goods from Turkey to Ukraine on a regular basis, we will calculate for you the approximate cost of the service.

What are the main shipping locations from Turkey?

A large part of our cargo from Turkey passes through those points in Ukraine:

  • delivery from/to Istanbul
  • delivery from/to Izmir
  • delivery from/to Aliaga
  • delivery from/to Antalya
  • delivery from/to Mersin
  • delivery from/to Gebze
  • delivery from/to Gerlik
  • delivery from/to Samsun
  • delivery from/to Trabzon
Do you import small batches?

Yes, we consolidate small consignments from all over Turkey and do regularly truck runs, that allows to have high profitability.

Where is Corcel located?

Office in Kharkov, pr. Moscow, 199 / D5, Ukraine, 61037.

Office in Kiev – Moscow Ave., 6, office 503.

Office in Dnepropetrovsk – Str. Shirshov, 18, office 302.

We have a permanent office in Spain.

We provide the most convenient way of communication and customer service based on the needs of our customers.

Is Corcel a Ukrainian company?

Corcel company was founded in 2008 (registration documents).

A large percentage of our transportation services accounted to road transportations from Turkey to Ukraine. We have been working since 2008 and understand the peculiarities of doing business in Ukraine. We also have extensive experience in transportation of various types of products and an experienced team of brokers who will advise you on all the nuances of the customs clearance, that is very important for fast delivery.

We are a member of the European Business Association (EBA) and the Association of International Road Carriers of Ukraine (AsMAP).

Full customs clearance?

When transporting cargo from Turkey to Ukraine, we can provide a full customs clearance service (“turnkey”).

More details about the customs clearance.

What is your advantage?

The main activity of Corcel is delivery of goods by road, including deliveries from Turkey to Ukraine.

We have:

  • Our own fleet of Euro 5 standard trucks,
  • Our own warehouses on the territory of Ukraine,
  • Scheduled truck runs from Turkey to Ukraine

Due to this we guarantee delivery of your goods on time and at competitive rates.

If you want to insure your goods, we have a reliable partner insurance company.



Since 2008 Corcel is a trusted logistics partner for the Logrus.

Corcel’s Director Anna Khaustova behaves as a high-skilled and wise leader in any, even the most difficult situation, and nowadays that’s a fairly rare phenomenon in the logistics sector.

CEO. Logrus

Corcel’s team showed a high expertise in selection of vehicles and preparation of financial documentation.

I’d like to emphasize a flexible approach of Company which lies in the taking into consideration of different customer’s requests.

Head of a commercial department. The Group of companies “SODRUZHESTVO”

For many years Corcel provides Pavimentos Arrondo S. A. with high-quality logistics services for export and import of our products.

During our cooperation Corcel shows a good work completely fulfilling its obligations.


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