Delivery of goods from Moldova to Ukraine

Delivery of goods from Moldova to Ukraine

A key area of logistics company Corcel is international cargo transportation by road from Europe (including from Moldova) to Ukraine (and vice versa).

Moldova is one of the major trading partners of Ukraine (according to the volume of exports to Moldova, Ukraine is in the first five exporting countries).

Statistics shows that the export of goods from Moldova decreased slightly by reducing the volume of exports to the Russian Federation. Imports in Moldova has remained virtually at the same level (a slight decrease is connected with the reduction of imports of oil and gas).

In the context of exports from Moldova to Ukraine, 29% of the exported goods are not  of Moldovan origin. This is due to the fact that there are free economic zones in Moldova, on the territory of which transshipment services are provided (from the European Union to Ukraine, as well as to other CIS countries).

Due to the geographical position of Ukraine, deliveries of goods from Moldova to Ukraine are mostly done by road. High-quality cargo transportation by road  from Moldova to Ukraine requires compliance with a number of nuances: the selection of a suitable vehicle (if it is the carriage of perishable goods, as well as oversized cargo), route development, preparation of documents for customs clearance.

The main types of goods delivered between Moldova and Ukraine:

  • meat, fish;
  • milk products;
  • vegetables, fruits;
  • cereals, seeds;
  • processed vegetables, fruits, etc.;
  • fats and oils;
  • paper and cardboard;
  • leather products;
  • ADR cargoes;
  • fur, hides;
  • articles of stone, plaster, cement, etc. materials;
  • agricultural products.

If you are interested in a one-time shipment of goods from Moldova to Ukraine, please contact Corcel, we will deliver your goods on time, while reducing logistics costs.

Vegetables, fruits and products of animal origin (as the main export item) are of the type of goods for which it is very important to choose the right mode of transportation. Corcel as part of its fleet has a refrigerator equipped with autonomous systems, which allows to maintain the preset mode at all stages of transportation.

Corcel regularly organizes truck runs from Moldova to Ukraine (and back), that can significantly reduce the cost of a transportation.


As part of the fleet Corcel has more than 80 vehicles that meet Euro-5. Our team will select the most suitable vehicle for your type of cargo.


We have our own warehouses in Europe and can provide storage services at any of them. Our warehouses are in Spain, Italy and Poland.

Customs clearance

Corcel provides a full complex of customs clearance of goods )”turnkey”) in Europe and in Ukraine.

Within the framework of the customs clearance, we help our clients to get any approval documents required for export / import of goods.


We’ll insure your cargo in a reliable company.

Questions or concerns?

How can I find out the cost of transportation from Moldova?

Send us your request by mail: or call via numbers at our website. Also, you can find out the final cost using the button “Request a rate”

Corcel`s team will be happy to respond immediately to your request and contact you in order to clarify all the details. We can also advise you on the approximate cost of services of such operations on a regular basis (in terms of logistics outsourcing).

What are the main cities of delivery?

We deliver cargoes from such cities of Moldova to Ukraine:

  • delivery from Chisinau;
  • delivery from Balti;
  • Shipping from Tiraspol;
  • delivery from Bendery;
  • delivery from Rybnitsa;
  • delivery from Cahul;
  • delivery from forty;
  • delivery from Orhei;
  • delivery from Dubossary and others.
Where are Corcel offices located?

Office in Kharkov, pr. Moscow, 199 / D5, Ukraine, 61037.

Office in Kiev – Moscow Ave., 6, office 503.

Office in Dnepropetrovsk – Str. Shirshov, 18, office 302.

Clients of Corcel are geographically both in Kiev and in other major cities located. We try to use the individual approach to each of our clients.

We have a permanent office in Spain.

Do you have a warehouse in EU?

We have invested in our own warehouses on the territory of the European Union If necessary, we can provide storage services at any of them.

Is the Corcel a Ukrainian company?

Logistics company Corcel was founded in 2008 in Kharkov (link to registration documents).

The main stream in Corcel`s work takes carriage by road from Europe (including from Moldova) to Ukraine. We have experience since 2008, that is important for quality service of logistics operations.

We are a member of the European Business Association (EBA) and the Association of International Road Carriers of Ukraine (AsMAP).

ISO 9001:2008?

Corcel company has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008. This quality management system allows us to provide services of consistently high quality.

ISO 9001: 2008 certificate was obtained in 2015 (link to document).

Complete customs clearance?

When trucking from Ukraine to Moldova and from Moldova to Ukraine, we provide services of full customs clearance.

More details about the customs clearance.

What is your advantage?

Logistics company Corcel specializes in road transportations from Europe to Ukraine (and vice versa).

We understand all the nuances of doing business in Ukraine, and we can advise you on the most profitable logistics solutions.

Corcel has:

We guarantee delivery of your cargo in the shortest possible time and at a competitive price, ensuring the safety of cargo on the whole route.



Since 2008 Corcel is a trusted logistics partner for the Logrus.

Corcel’s Director Anna Khaustova behaves as a high-skilled and wise leader in any, even the most difficult situation, and nowadays that’s a fairly rare phenomenon in the logistics sector.

CEO. Logrus

Corcel’s team showed a high expertise in selection of vehicles and preparation of financial documentation.

I’d like to emphasize a flexible approach of Company which lies in the taking into consideration of different customer’s requests.

Head of a commercial department. The Group of companies “SODRUZHESTVO”

For many years Corcel provides Pavimentos Arrondo S. A. with high-quality logistics services for export and import of our products.

During our cooperation Corcel shows a good work completely fulfilling its obligations.


Oksana Kostyuchenko
Manager of administative activities


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