Delivery of goods from Europe, shipping to Europe from Ukraine

Large and small Ukrainian companies, as well as entrepreneurs engaged in international trade activities, actively use the freight service in Europe. The list of products transported is extensive: from clothing and food to dangerous goods (ADR) and industrial equipment. The main thing is to determine the optimal delivery scheme: fast, safe, inexpensive. This will help the company “Corcel”. We provide comprehensive services for the delivery of goods from the EU and back.

Types of freight.

Most often used trucking from Europe to Ukraine. The developed network of European roads and highways allows you to easily make the shortest route. And thanks to the variety of trucks, this method is suitable for the transportation of any goods. For example, various platforms and semi-trailers are used to transport oversized products. And the transportation of ADR-products (dangerous goods: oil products, flammable liquids, gases, etc.) is carried out by means of special transport, which maximally isolates the contents from the external environment.

Also carried out by rail and sea delivery of goods from Europe. They are suitable for the transport of bulky goods and large batches but differ in the duration.

If the key requirement – is efficiency, it is recommended to use airfreight from Europe. It will take a few days. However, this service is worth a lot, because recommended for valuable and urgent orders.

Usually we recommend to stop the choice on the road transport. It represents the optimal balance between travel speed and cost.

Complex cargo transportation from Europe

The purpose of «Corcel» is to help you in a short time to get the goods or deliver them to European partners, making the entire delivery process as easy as possible for you. We provide a full range of services and take care of the transfer of goods from point A to point B. All you need is to entrust us with the cargo.

Cargo transportation to Europe from Ukraine include:

  • preparation of a package of documents according to the type of cargo and the laws of the countries through which the transportation is carried out;
  • insurance of cargo against damage and loss;
  • assistance in customs clearance and customs control;
  • warehouse services, cargo consolidation, packaging;
  • cargo control at all stages;
  • “door to door” delivery

We carry cargo from Europe to Ukraine of any complexity. You can order from us:

  • general delivery. In this case, the client freights the vehicle or container as a whole;
  • transportation of groupage cargo from Europe. This service is recommended for small and one-time orders for which renting an entire truck is unnecessarily expensive. Small orders are delivered to our European warehouses, where they are consolidated and shipped as a single consolidated load, under one package of documents. The cost is divided into all customers;
  • transportation of dangerous goods from Europe. We guarantee safe delivery in accordance with the requirements of the ADR Agreement (ADR);
  • delivery of products and perishables. For this purpose, temperature-controlled refrigerators are used;
  • oversized cargo transportation. We will deliver industrial and construction equipment, building materials, metal structures, etc.

The cost of delivery of goods from Europe to Ukraine is determined individually and depends on:

  • type of cargo;
  • country of departure;
  • distance and route;
  • timing;
  • related services.

Find out what we can offer you! Send a request or call 044 333-32-28.

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