International cargo transportation. Ukraine – Europe

Modern business does not accept boundaries. Trading activity is a mutual integration of European countries. An important place in this process belongs to international transport. They represent a complex range of services, therefore it is recommended to trust them only to specialists. The «Corcel» company will come to the rescue.

Types of international freight

  • Car delivery is most often used in trade with Europe, due to the mainland location of most countries. A variety of vehicles allows you to transport any type of cargo, including oversized and dangerous.
  • Air delivery is recommended for urgent cargo, it takes only a few days. However, its cost will be higher than that of international road freight transport.
  • Rail freight is suitable for large shipments or oversized cargo. But they take significantly more time than auto delivery.
  • Sea freight is the cheapest but can take a couple of months.

The best way for international transportation of goods is selected individually, based on the type and weight of the cargo. Most often, road transport is used, including, in addition to standard trucks, special vehicles for dangerous goods and a platform, semi-trailers, tractors for oversized products.

Order trucking

The «Corcel” company carries out transportation of all types of cargo. Some of them require special attention. These include:

  • oversized cargo. So called products that exceed the following dimensions: length 16 m, height 4 m, width 2.55 m. These include building structures, industrial equipment, etc. For transportation use special semi-trailers, tractors, road trains, etc .;
  • dangerous goods. Their list is approved in the international agreement ADR (ADR). These are substances with high explosiveness, flammable, toxic, biohazardous substances. Their transportation is carried out using special vehicles. The route is laid in the most uninhabited areas, away from large settlements, as well as historical and natural monuments;
  • food and medicine. They require certain storage conditions and strict adherence to a certain temperature regime. For transportation, refrigerators with an artificial cooling system are used.

General and groupage cargo

The «Corcel»company carries out both general and combined international cargo transportation.

In the first case, we are talking about the freight of the entire container or vehicle. Inside, a cargo or a batch belonging to one customer is placed.

However, for piece goods or small wholesale, general cargo transportation is expensive and inconvenient. In this case, we recommend combined international transportation to Ukraine. Small orders of individual customers are delivered to one of our warehouses in Europe, where they are consolidated, processed as a single load, with one package of documents. In this form, it is transported to Ukraine, where it is disbanded, after which the orders are sent to consignees.

The international “turnkey” cargo transportation to Ukraine

The goal of our company is to simplify the purchase of goods, materials, equipment for you. We offer complete solutions for all occasions. In doing so, you will free yourself from the hassle associated with international shipping. «Corcel» provides a full range of services, including:

  • customs clearance;
  • cargo insurance;
  • warehouse services.

Possible one-time cooperation or logistics outsourcing on an ongoing basis. For more details, contact our employees by phone 044 333-32-28.

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