Delivery of operator equipment from Spain to Ukraine

Delivery of operator equipment from Spain to Ukraine


Corcel has transported operator equipment from Spain to Ukraine

Project implementation period: May 23 – June 1, 2017
Route: Barcelona (Spain) – Kiev (Ukraine)
Type of cargo: container with operator equipment, 6 pallets of equipment additionally, including 2 pallets with ADR cargo, class 2.2
Cargo weight: 19 tons
Mode of transport: 2 cars – container truck and an additional car for 6 pallets
Regularity of dispatch: a new customer

Necessary services from our side

Corcel has received a request for transportation of shooting equipment. The client required a set of logistics services for the express delivery of cargo from Spain to Ukraine:

  • Selection of suitable vehicles;
  • Fastening of the goods in the car;
  • Development of an efficient transportation route;
  • Assistance in the passage of customs control;
  • Delivery of equipment to Kiev (Ukraine).

What we`ve done

Our client set an interesting task – to transport simultaneously a container with equipment, as well as 6 pallets of additional cargo from Barcelona to Kiev with the re-registration of cargo in Hamburg at the warehouse of the consignee.

First of all, our team developed a phased transportation route and picked up suitable vehicles for each of them.

At first the cargo was delivered from Barcelona to Hamburg to the warehouse of the consignee for further re-registration.

The container was carried by a container truck, and additional 6 pallets were secured in the body of an additional small car.

After the procedure of re-registration we also ordered a container truck and a small car for transportation of 6 pallets for transportation from Hamburg to Kiev. The logistic company Corcel in this case used the services of reliable contractors, since there was no such type of trucks in our fleet.

The contractor has provided loading and packing of the cargo himself. The container was loaded with a crane, and all the pallets were packed with a standard stretch film.

It is important to note that 2 pallets in a small car belonged to the class of dangerous goods ADR 2.2.

That’s why our goal was to ensure reliable fastening of cargo in the body of the vehicle, and also to think out the most optimal route to avoid cargo movements into the truck. Our driver-forwarder ensured the goods were well secured by means of safety in the vehicle.

Corcel`s brokers have extensive experience in customs clearance of goods in Europe and Ukraine. We consulted our client regarding the execution of the Ex-1 export declaration, as well as the EUR-1 certificate of origin. All the necessary documents for the customs clearance were prepared by the client in advance, which significantly reduced the time at the customs control point.

Features of transportation:

  • For transportation, Corcel oredered a container truck and an additional car in Barcelona and in Hamburg;
  • The goods in the container and the other truck were registered under the same invoice;
  • The cargo was loaded with a crane;
  • Re-registration of cargo in Hamburg at the warehouse of the consignee;
  • The client has prepared documents Ex-1, EUR-1.

Corcel successfully coped with an interesting task – to provide international transportation of operator equipment from the European Union (Spain) to Ukraine (Kiev). The ADR cargo arrived safely to the warehouse of the recipient in Kiev.

The unloading area was near the central railway station.

If you are interested in transporting of equipment or any other cargo in containers, contact logistics company Corcel. Our team is ready to provide you with a consultation on transportation from EU countries to Ukraine and vice versa. We will also provide you with a cost estimate for one-time transportation / service on the basis of logistics outsourcing. You can leave Your request on logistic@corcel.com.ua or call us on the numbers that are indicated on our website.

In addition, you can use the button “Request a rate”, our team will return to you with a reply to your query in the nearest future.

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