Transportation of seeds from Germany to Ukraine

Transportation of seeds from Germany to Ukraine


The Logistics company Corcel has maintained international transportation of seed

Project implementation period: 13-19 September 2016
Route: Germany – Ukraine
Type of cargo: winter wheat seeds
Shipping weight: 20 tons
Number of units: 400 bags
Type of transport: car (tilt)
Regularity of dispatch: regularly

Necessary services from us

The client was interested in the rapid delivery of seeds to Ukraine:

  • Loading of goods at 2 different places;
  • Securing of cargo inside the car;
  • Delivery by road.

What we`ve done

Ukrainian farmers are beginning to introduce modern technologies in plant growing, improving soil quality, etc. Along with the technology imported seeds have become popular among Ukrainian farmers. They are now the key to the high harvest.

Transportation of seeds is a simple process if you follow all the rules and regulations for this cargo. Corcel specialists have extensive experience in the transportation of grain, so the transportation of this type of cargo always passes quickly and efficiently.


For this client the company Corcel has provided its own car, which corresponds to the standard of Euro-5. Before we start to ship the goods, we made sure that the van inside is absolutely clean and has no foreign odors.

Loading the goods was performed by our client. Our delivery driver followed so that the cargo has been properly positioned in the vehicle in accordance with all the rules. There were 2 loading places: Heimbach-Vlatten and Edemissen. 200 sacks of seed were loaded at each of them. All bags were then stacked on top of standard pallets.

Our client was also in charge of customs clearance (customs clearance has been provided at the loading point.

It is important to remember that without a certificate of origin and a certificate of quality to carry this type of cargo is prohibited.

Our cargo was carried by rreight forwarding truck and by one of the most experienced drivers. The route was built in the most optimal way, so we complied with all the terms of delivery set by the customer.

Specifications of transportation:

  • Corcel provided its own truck;
  • 2 points of loading in Germany;
  • it`s necessary to have a certificate of origin for the international carriage.

Logistics company Corcel successfully implemented a project for the International carriage of seeds on the route Heimbach-Vlatten (Germany) – Edemissen (Germany) – Kiev (Ukraine), while adhering to the norms and rules of transportation.

The seeds were delivered to the client within the specified period.

If you are importing seeds and other agricultural products, please, contact Corcel. Our experts will calculate for you the value of a transportation you are interested in as soon as possible.

Send your request to our mail logistic@corcel.com.ua or call via numbers that are listed at our website.

Alternatively, you can request a calculation of an estimated transportation cost by using the “Request a rate” at our website.

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