Transportation of the pipeline to Ukraine

Transportation of the pipeline to Ukraine

Details of the project

Logistic company Corcel provided an international transportation of the pipeline

Project implementation period: April 4 -13, 2017
Route: Madrid (Spain) – Krivoy Rog (Ukraine)
Type of cargo: pipeline with insulation
Cargo weight: 1900 kg
Number of units: 1 (length 12m, width 2m, height 1.35m, volume 32.4m3)
Mode of transport: car (awning)

The client was interested in ensuring international transportation of the pipeline from Europe (Spain) to Ukraine

In carrying out this project, we provided the following services

  • Selection of a suitable car;
  • Development of the transportation route;
  • Control of traffic safety;
  • Delivery of goods to Ukraine.

Specifications of pipes transportation

Today the field of application of pipes is very wide. Pipes are used in the construction of gas and water pipes, for protection of cables, while performing various installation works. By the type of material the pipes can be divided into:

  • metal pipes;
  • polymer pipes;
  • fiberglass plastic pipes;
  • plastic pipes and other.

For long distances, it is convenient to carry the pipes both by rail and by road.

For transportation of pipes up to 12 meters, a standard Eurotent type car is suitable..

Depending on the volume and diameter of the pipes, the type of loading and fastening of the cargo inside the vehicle is determined.

When transporting pipes of any size, it is important to observe a number of basic rules:

  • When transporting steel pipes, it is important to consider that pipeы can move in the body of the car, which can lead to an accident when a high speed is reached. That’s why the goods must be securely fixed.
  • When transporting pipes, it is necessary to provide protection against atmospheric precipitation.
  • When transporting a large number of pipes on the platforms, composite or wooden racks should be installed on the sides.

The organization of safety of transportation of pipes includes:

  1. Cargo in the vehicle must be secured with strong belts.
  2. It is forbidden to lay pipes diagonally, and it is forbidden that the pipes protrude beyond the side dimensions.
  3. When transporting pipes of different lengths, short ones must be laid on top.
  4. If the pipes protrude beyond the body of the truck, they must be marked with a bright identification mark. In the dark, on the safety of motion, it is necessary to designate protruding pipes with the help of a red lantern.

What we’ve done

The logistic company Corcel, upon the request of our client, prepared its own Euro-5 car equipped with the necessary means for the safe transportation of cargo.

Our team has developed the most optimal route for cargo transportation, and our driver has ensured that the goods are securely fixed in the vehicle. The pipeline was fixed to a wooden pallet, immersed in a car by top loading, and also securely fastened with belts in the vehicle.

The team of brokers of the company Corcel has extensive experience in customs clearance in the EU countries. So we advised our client about the preparation of all the necessary documents and certificates.

Specifications of transportation

  • Corcel picked up the car of the Euro-5 standard;
  • The pipeline was of low weight, but required the supply of a separate machine;
  • The cargo was packed on a wooden pallet;
  • Top loading.

Corcel successfully coped with the international transportation of the pipeline from Spain (Madrid) to Ukraine. The cargo arrived at the appointed time.

If you are interested in international transportation of goods (single, or under conditions of logistics outsourcing), contact Corcel. Our staff will provide you with an advice on the transportation of your goods from the EU countries to Ukraine (or back).

Send your request to logistic@corcel.com.ua or call the phone numbers listed on our website.

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