International transportation of seedlings from France to Ukraine

International transportation of seedlings from France to Ukraine

Details of the project

Corcel provided an international transportation of seedlings from France to Ukraine

Project implementation period: May 15-22, 2017
Route: Elne (France) – Kiev (Ukraine)
Type of cargo: walnut seedlings
Weight of cargo: 3500 kg
Number of units: 4620 pieces
Mode of transport: car (refrigerator)
Regularity of dispatch: once, a new customer

Necessary services from our side

Corcel`s client applied for a package of services for transporting of seedlings from the European Union (France) to Ukraine:

  • Selection of a vehicle for transportation of seedlings;
  • Assistance in obtaining the necessary certificates;
  • Express cargo delivery by refrigerator to Ukraine.

What we did

Transportation of seedlings requires special attention to the choice of a vehicle, the temperature regime, the location of the cargo inside the truck. In order to transport the seedlings, Corcel has provided delivery by its own truck, corresponding to the Euro-5 standard. It is worth noting that the vehicles of the Corcel`s fleet have modern autonomous systems for maintaining the temperature regime.

When transporting seedlings it is very important to maintain a certain level of temperature in the body of the car, because such plants do not tolerate a sharp change in weather – high humidity, heat, frost. That’s why we chose a refrigerator for transportation.

The constant temperature level in the truck was +2 С during the transportation.

The sender was engaged in packing and loading of seedlings. Before the loading the floor of the trailer was covered with a cellophane.

The task of our freight forwarder was to ensure that the cargo had the right location inside the car, and also was securely fixed in the body of the car for safe transportation. The cargo occupied 4 linear meters.

Our team offered a convenient and safe route for transportation of seedlings from France to Ukraine. In addition, the team of brokers has extensive experience in customs clearance of goods both in Ukraine and in the countries of the European Union (including France).

As a part of this transportation, we advised our client about all the necessary documents for customs clearance, and also helped with obtaining a quarantine certificate necessary for the transportation of plants. Thanks to our approach, the car with the goods has passed customs clearance in a short time, without the downtime of the vehicle.

Specifications of transportation

  • Corcel provided its Euro-5 standard refrigerator;
  • The temperature regime of transportation was at +2 C level;
  • The Corcel team assisted the client in obtaining a quarantine certificate;
  • The cargo occupied 4 linear meters.

International transportation of seedlings requires attention to organizational aspects and peculiarities of transportation. The main task of Corcel was to deliver the cargo in safety and in the agreed time, as the seedlings can dry out without soil.

Logistic company Corcel coped with the international transportation of seedlings along the route Elne (France) – Kiev (Ukraine).

If you are interested in transporting seedlings from EU countries to Ukraine (or vice versa), contact our company, we will be able to advise you on all issues, as well as to calculate the estimated cost of a one-time transportation, or maintenance on a logistic outsourcing basis.

Send your request to logistic@corcel.com.ua, or call the numbers on our website. Additional option – you can request the cost of transportation using the button “Request a Rate”.

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