Performed metal transportation from Europe to Ukraine

Performed metal transportation from Europe to Ukraine


Corcel maintained transportation of metal from Europe to Ukraine

Project implementation period: 11-16 November 2016
Route: Desio (Italy) – Kiev (Ukraine)
Type of cargo: metal rolls
Weight of cargo: 21500 kg
Volume: 86 m3
Type of transport: car (awning)
Regularity of dispatch: one-time

Necessary services from us

Our client required a transportation of metal from Europe to Ukraine:

What we`ve done

Transportation of metal is in demand among our customers at any time of the year. Our team has extensive experience in transportations of metal and metal products, so new and old customers both come to us with a request  to transport cargo in international traffic.

In the first place, in order to ensure the transportation of metal, it is necessary to choose the right truck for carriage and follow the process of loading.

In this case, the metal rolls could be loaded only from the side, so the Corcel company provided its own truck (awning), which corresponds to the standard Euro-5. Our team also advised the client to fix the metal rolls on wooden pallets.

In the process of loading our driver ensured that the cargo was correctly placed in the back of the vehicle, as well as provided additional fastening straps inside the car.

Logistics company Corcel has extensive experience in customs clearance of goods both in Europe and in Ukraine. While this transportation our team of brokers advised the customer for the necessary documents in advance to avoid problems at the border.

To import metal to Ukraine, among other things you need to prepare:

  • export declaration (EX-1);
  • certificate of origin (EUR-1).

Customs clearance was carried out in Italy. Entry to Ukraine has been carried out through the customs checkpoint Yagodyn.

Specifications of transportation:

  • Side loading into the car;
  • Corcel provided its own truck with fastening straps;
  • Making the export declaration and certificate of origin.

Corcel successfully completed the transportation of metal from Italy to Ukraine

If you are interested in transportation of metal or metal products from Europe to Ukraine (or vice versa), contact Corcel, our team will calculate for you the value of the transportation.

Leave your request at logistic@corcel.com.ua or call the phone numbers that are listed on our website. In addition, you can send your request by pressing “Request a Rate”.

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