Transportation of metal coils from Austria

Transportation of metal coils from Austria


Corcel organized an international transportation of metal coils from Austria to Ukraines

Project implementation period: 19 – 24 October 2016
Route: Austria (Braunau am Inn) – Ukraine (Sumy)
Type of cargo: steel coils
Weight of cargo: 20 tons
Volume: 86 m3
Type of transport: car (awning)
Regularity of dispatch: a few times per month, different routes

Necessary services from us

Our client was interested in organizing an international transportation from Austria to Ukraine by road:

  • Choosing of the most appropriate vehicle;
  • Development of the optimal route;
  • Preparation of documentation for transportation;
  • Delivery by truck.

What we`ve done

Logistics company Corcel specializes in organizing international road transportations. In that case, our customer came to us with the request for steel transportation. Since Corcel has extensive experience in the organization of metal carriage, we have thought through all the basic details of the transportation process in order to deliver promptly and in full safety goods to our customers.

From our experience we know that metal products can be divided into several types:

  • small parts (bolts, nuts, screws, nails, etc.);
  • small-, medium size products (leaf length can vary from 6 to 14 meters);
  • large size products (often stacked in rolls).

In this case, we transported metal sheets, packed in rolls.

For transportation of steel coils we have provided our own truck (awning) that meets Euro-5 standard. Our client has provided the loading of goods himself. The rolls were loaded into the trailer, which was immediately sealed. Our delivery driver ensured that the goods have been correctly placed into the truck, in compliance with the rules of the loading on axles.

Our team has developed the most optimal route to avoid the downtime on the road  and to comply with the terms of delivery, specified by the customer.

Transportation process also includes the preparation of forwarding documents. Our team carefully prepared all necessary documents in advance.

For the carriage of goods under a seal it is necessary to issue a Carnet-TIR. Only with this document an international transportation of goods can be provided under the seal.

Specifications of transportation

  • Corcel provided its own truck (awning);
  • Steel coils were attached to pallets, the trailer was sealed;
  • Corcel team has prepared Carnet-TIR;
  • Customs transition was carried through the border crossing point Korchova – Krakivets.

Logistics company Corcel successfully completed the delivery of metal goods in international direction, keeping all terms of delivery.

Contact Corcel company, if you are interested in transportation of metal in international direction (one-time or on a regular basis) via the phone numbers, send your inquiry to the mailbox logistic@corcel.com.ua, or call us in Skype.

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