Transportation of lighters from Spain to Ukraine (ADR 2)

Transportation of lighters from Spain to Ukraine (ADR 2)


Logistics company Corcel performed international transportation of ADR cargo from Spain to Ukraine

Project implementation period: September 6, 2017
Route: 08450 Llinars del Valles (Spain) – Kiev (Ukraine)
Type of cargo: lighters, ADR class 2 (explosive)
Cargo weight: 3841 kg
Number of units: 17 europallets
Mode of transport: awning truck
Regularity of dispatch: 1 time in 3 months

Necessary services from our side

Our client required a service of logistics outsourcing:

  • Supply of a vehicle;
  • Development of the transportation route;
  • Consultation and preparation of documentation for customs clearance;
  • Carrying out customs clearance in Spain and Ukraine;
  • Delivery of goods to the warehouse in Kiev.

What we`ve done

First of all, it should be noted that the customer applied to the Corcel company for the first time, since he wanted to deliver dangerous goods to Ukraine with a carrier that specializes in ADR cargo transportation. At that time the client knew nothing about the specifics of the transportation of dangerous goods. In addition, the client experienced difficulties in communication with the sender and did not fully understand all the stages of the transportation process.

We advised the client on all the features of international transportation of dangerous goods. In addition, our team in Spain contributed to the achievement of mutual understanding between Ukrainian and Spanish parties, namely we helped our client from Ukraine to sign an external economic contract. As a part of the contract, the company Corcel directly delivered the goods from Spain (the region of Barcelona) to Ukraine.

To carry out transportation, our team has selected the most suitable car, which meets the Euro-5 standard, and also involved one of the most experienced drivers in the process, since the most important thing in the transportation of dangerous goods is to know and to observe the safety rules.

The sender took care of the packing and loading of the goods. Lighters were packed on europallets and additionally fixed with a stretch film. Our driver-forwarder has watched that the cargo was reliably fixed and did not move in a body of the car.

The team of Corcel`s brokers completely supervised the process of issuing permits. We also helped the client to issue a certificate of origin EUR-1, which is mandatory under customs legislation.

Our employees made the customs clearance of the cargo independently, as the counterpart in Spain first encountered such an operation.

Delivery of the party of lighters from Spain to Ukraine was carried out through our warehouse in Poland. Thus, our client managed to save money on the logistics component.

Specifications of the transportation:

  • Lighters belong to the 2nd class of danger (explosive loads);
  • Corcel provided customs clearance in Spain and Ukraine, and also advised the client on the specifics of the transportation of dangerous goods;
  • Carnet-TIR was issued for the transportation;
  • Delivery of goods was made through the warehouse of Corcel in Poland.

Finally, we advised our new client on the further development of the company as an exclusive distributor on the territory of Ukraine, as in our previous activities Corcel repeatedly advised its clients on such issues.

We successfully coped with the task of the international transportation of dangerous cargo ADR (2nd class of danger) on the route Spain (a region near Barcelona) – Ukraine (Kiev).

The goods were delivered on time, in complete safety and with minimal efforts on the part of the customer.

In case you need to transport ADR goods (once or on a permanent basis “turnkey”), contact  logistics company Corcel. Our team will advise you on all issues. You can send us your message by email to logistic@corcel.com.ua or call the phone numbers listed on our website.

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