Transportation of glue Germany Ukraine

Transportation of glue Germany Ukraine


The Corcel company maintained with the international transportation of glue

Project implementation period: February 23 – 28, 2017
Route: Nördlingen (Germany) – Kiev (c)
Type of cargo: polyurethane adhesive
Cargo weight: 2,8 tons
Number of Units: 5 euro pallets
Type of transport: auto (refrigerator)
Regularity of dispatch: regular customer

Necessary services from us

Our regular customer was interested in a range of logistics services:

  • Selection of the vehicle;
  • Loading and securing of the cargo inside the vehicle;
  • Delivery to the unloading place as part of the combined cargo.

What we`ve done

Transportation of chemistry (glue) is a complex process that requires attention to each of the stages of transportation. Loading, unloading, fastening of the goods, transportation and storage should be carried out by specialists who know all the rules and regulations concerning chemicals.

For our regular customer (shipment takes place several times per month) our employees have picked up the most suitable truck (refrigerator).

For transportation of glue it is better to choose a refrigerator to maintain the necessary temperature regime at all stages of transportation (+ 5С).

Before shipment the transportation route was carefully planned and developed by our specialists, loading was carried out in Germany at the warehouse of the sender.

The cargo in the form of barrels was fixed on pallets and then immersed into a truck. Belts were used for fastening. Our driver has ensured that the cargo was securely fixed in the vehicle.

The cargo was transported as a part of the consolidated cargo, so our regular customer significantly saved on the logistics component. The customs clearance for this transportation was carried out by the customer, seals of the sanitary-epidemiological service, environmental / radiological services were made at the border.

Peculiarities of transportation:

  • Type of cargo – chemistry (polyurethane adhesive);
  • We ensured reliable fastening of the goods inside the car;
  • The temperature regime during transportation was + 5С;
  • The cargo was transported as a part of the consolidated cargo.

Logistic company Corcel successfully performed the international transportation of glue on the route Nördlingen (Germany) – Kiev (Ukraine).

Our team delivered the goods to the customer within the agreed time and in full safety.

If you are interested in international transportation of chemistry (hazardous / non-hazardous), contact the Corcel company, we will immediately process your application.

Our working e-mail is logistic@corcel.com.ua. Also you can contact us via phone numbers, which are indicated on our website.

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