Transportation of melamine films to Ukraine

Transportation of melamine films to Ukraine


We maintained transportation of melamine films from Spain to Ukraine

Project implementation period: 6-18 May 2016
Route: Spain (Curtis) – Orzhev (Rivne region)
Type of cargo: Film for laminating
Weight of cargo: 9.5 tons
Number of units: 9 pallets
Type of vehicle: car (tent)
Regularity of dispatch: by request

Necessary services from our side

Customer required transportation services under the terms of logistics outsourcing (turnkey):

  • selection and submission of a suitable vehicle;
  • packing and loading;
  • selection of the optimal route;
  • preparation of documentation for customs clearance;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Express delivery.

What we`ve done

Corcel team has extensive experience with modular cargoes. Our customers often  requests us to deliver cargo by road, because in this way you can significantly reduce the logistics component. Corcel permanently provides truck runs from Europe (including Spain), to Ukraine (and vice versa).

For transportation of melamine films:

  • we chose the most suitable truck run for our customer;
  • we worked on the most optimal route together with our driver;
  • we provided the necessary packaging and loading into a vehicle.

When transporting the melamine films we used pallets of non-standard size (2.54 m. * 1.28 m.).

Our driver checked the cargo to be securely fastened, taking into account all safety regulations relating to axle loads.

Logistical maintenance of the project “turnkey” means involvement into all stages of the process to ensure transportation of all phases of the transportation process – the supply of the vehicle, the correct placement of the load into the car, customs clearance, and transportation.

Our team carefully prepared all the necessary documents for customs clearance in advance. This is very important, since the delay in the customs clearance of one of the modular cargoes may delay the entire truck. For customs clearance of the melamine films we prepared:

  • export declaration EX-1;
  • certificate of origin EUR-1.

Specification of the transportation:

  1. The customer wanted to carry the goods as a consolidated cargo;
  2. Delivery was provided on “turnkey” conditions;
  3. Corcel provided its own truck (with a tent);
  4. Special pallets for goods have been prepared;
  5. EX-1 and EUR-1 certificates were prepared.

Corcel has successfully maintained delivery of melamine films, observing all the terms of delivery.

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