We carried out international transportation of seafood

We carried out international transportation of seafood


International transportation of seafood

Project implementation period: 8-13 March 2016
Route: Marseille (France) – Kiev (Ukraine)
Type of cargo: Seafood (chilled fish, oysters)
Weight of cargo: 5 tons
Number of units: 15 boxes
Type of vehicle: car (refrigerator with a recorder)
Regularity of dispatch: one-time

Necessary services from us

The customer was interested in the full logistics service (logistics outsourcing):

  • Selection of the most suitable vehicle and transport route;
  • Preparation of permit documentation for customs clearance;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Express delivery by a vehicle (refrigerator) to Ukraine;
  • Tracking predetermined temperature level at all stages of transportation.

What we`ve done

Chilled fish and seafood are perishable products. Therefore it is very important to select the right vehicle. Corcel supplied its own refrigerator with a recorder of Euro-5 standard for this shipping. Our specialists have developed the fastest and the most convenient transportation route. An important issue in thas case was to prepare in advance all of the documents for customs clearance, because it is better to avoid vehicle downtime when transporting perishable products.

Our brokers have provided all the documents for customs clearance.

Particular attention was paid to the preparation of all permits certificates (certificate of conformity, as well as the expertise of the sanitary-epidemiological service (SES). Customs officers strictly check all documents for compliance with all shipping rules and regulations. The customer himself packed cargo in special barrels.

The main requirement of the customer in this case was to deliver seafood in the shortest possible time, observing the specified temperature range.

Temperature on the route was in the range of 0 .. + 2 ºC.

Specification of the transportation:

  • Corcel supplied its own refrigerator of Euro-5 standard for this shipment;
  • Temperature was in the range of 0 .. + 2 ºC;
  • Customer himself packed goods in special barrels;
  • Our brokers have prepared certificate of conformity, as well as the conclusion of SES.

Transportation of seafood is a complex process that requires attention to all stages of the process – to the choice of a vehicle, development of the route, as well as to the correct customs clearance.

Corcel successfully organized the transportation of fish and seafood by road from Marseille (France) to Kiev (Ukraine).

If you are interested in a one-time transportation of seafood (or any perishable products), or transportation on a regular basis, please contact Corcel, we will be happy to calculate for you the cost of maintenance of such operations. Send your request to our mail logistic@corcel.com.ua or call via numbers at our website.

Also, the cost of transportation can be find out with the “Request a rate” button.

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