International transportation of ventilating equipment

International transportation of ventilating equipment


Corcel has carried out an international transportation of ventilating equipment

Project implementation period: 4-12 August 2016
Route: Valencia (Spain) – Poltava (Ukraine)
Type of cargo: ventilating equipment (air coolers, fans, capacitors)
Shipping weight: 22 tons
Number of units: 50 units (equipment of various sizes)
Type of transport: car (tilt)
Regularity of dispatch: monthly

Necessary services from us

The client was interested in the maintenance of the project under the terms of the logistics outsourcing (“turnkey”):

  • Choosing a vehicle;
  • Loading and securing of the goods;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Development of a transport route;
  • Delivery of goods by road to Ukraine.

What we`ve done

Transportation of ventilation equipment requires special attention to the choice of a vehicle. Oversized loads are usually transported on platforms or in vehicles with a tilt. For this transportation Corcel team provided the appropriate truck with a tilt (all trucks of Corcel meet Euro-5 standard). Loading of equipment was carried out from the top and from the side, because some units were oversized.

Our delivery driver was in charge of the right loading and securing of the cargo. It is very important that the product is located in the vehicle body so as to meet all load standards for axle. Ventilation equipment is a very valuable commodity, so in this case additional fastening belts in the vehicle are required. This ensures the safety of the cargo during the whole transportation.

Corcel brokers are professionals in customs clearance of cargoes. We have extensive experience in customs clearance of different types of goods both in Ukraine and abroad. In addition, we help our customers to get all allowing documents of any complexity (certificates, spec. permits for import/export etc.).

For transportation of ventilation equipment Corcel team has prepared in advance all the necessary customs clearance documents.

In Spain, we have issued export declaration and issue TIR-Carnet, which makes it possible to transport the goods under customs seals.

A fleet of Corcel is presented with 80 trucks that meet Euro-5 standard. For this transportation we have developed an optimal route, whereby goods came to the final recipient in time.

Specifications of transportation:

  • We used a truck with a tilt for transportation of ventilation equipment;
  • Top-loading and side-loading into the vehicle body;
  • Preparing export declaration in Spain;
  • Issuing TIR-Carnet.

Corcel successfully coped with the international carriage of goods by road from Valencia (Spain) to Poltava (Ukraine).

Ventilation equipment arrived to the final recipient on time and in full safety.

If you are interested in international delivery of goods by road, please, contact Corcel, our team will calculate for you an approximate cost of such a delivery.

Send your inquiry to our box logistic@corcel.com.ua or call us via numbers listed at our web-site.

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