International transportation of veterinary products

International transportation of veterinary products


Corcel maintained international transportation of veterinary products

Project implementation period: April 30 – May 16, 2016
Route: Barcelona (Spain) – Minsk, Zhodino, Molodecho (Belarus)
Type of cargo: drugs and feed additives for animals
Weight of cargo: 5.3 tons
Number of units: 10 pallets
Type of vehicle: auto (awning)
Regularity of dispatch: monthly

Necessary services from our side

The client needed us to provide international transportation of veterinary products “turnkey”:

What we`ve done

Agricultural development is now impossible to imagine without the various kinds of veterinary products. That is why volumes of cargo for different agricultural sectors has been increasing. Mostly, feed additives for animals and fertilizer for plants are imported.

For the transportation of veterinary products Corcel has provided its own truck that meets the Euro-5 standard. Transportation of veterinary products required the truck to be dry and clean. Therefore, we have chosen the best option for transporting and advised the sender to pack the goods into boxes on pallets. We also wrapped cargo with stretch film to prevent dust formation.

Our driver followed the process of loading and securing cargo into the vehicle. This is important for compliance with safety and traffic rules on the roads of state and local significance.

Then the cargo followed to our warehouse in Poland, where it has been stored for some time before being consolidated and sent to Belarus.

It was very important to know that the import of veterinary products in Belarus is allowed only through the Latvia-Belarus border. At the border it is required to put the stamp of veterinary inspection. Since Corcel team has extensive experience in the transportation of cargoes from Europe to the CIS countries (including Ukraine and Belarus), we prepared all customs documents for import of veterinary products to Belarus in advance.

There were 3 points of discharge – Minsk, Zhodino, Molodecho. We have developed the most optimal route to quickly and cost-effectively deliver the goods to the final recipient.

Peculiarities of transportation:

  1. Veterinary products need to be transported in a dry and clean trucks;
  2. The client required storage at our warehouse in Warsaw (Poland);
  3. The cargo has been consolidated at our warehouse in Poland;
  4. Veterinary products can be delivered only through the Latvia-Belarus border to Belarus;
  5. There were 3 points of unloading in Belarus.

We successfully coped with the international carriage of veterinary products along the route Barcelona (Spain) – Warsaw (Poland) – Minsk, Zhodino, Molodecho (Belarus).

This product has been delivered within the specified period to Belarus.

Contact Corcel, if you are interested in a one-time or ongoing carriage of veterinary products from the European Union. Our team will be happy to calculate for you the approximate cost of servicing such operations.

You can leave us your request by calling the phone numbers that are listed in the “Contacts“.

Also, if convenient, you can make an inquiry with an electronic request by clicking “Request a Rate”.

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