International transportation of products for fast-food

International transportation of products for fast-food


Corcel maintained transportation of metal from Europe to Ukraine

Project implementation period: 23-29 November 2016
Route: Tulchin (Ukraine) – Tbilisi (Georgia)
Type of cargo: Products for cooking hot-dogs
Cargo weight: 6 tons
Number of Units: 22 pallets
Type of transport: car (refrigerator)
Regularity of dispatch: one-time, a new customer

Necessary services from us

New client of Corcel required a transportation of semi-finished products from Ukraine to Georgia:

  • Choice of a vehicle for the transportation of semi-finished products;
  • Assistance in preparing of the veterinary certificate;
  • Shipping by refrigerator to Georgia.

What we`ve done

Transportation of perishable products and semi-finished products requires attention to the vehicle selection. In the carriage of semi-finished products for  hot dogs the Corcel company provided its own car of Euro-5 standard. Transport vehicles of Corcel have a modern, self-contained system of temperature control.

Products for the manufacture of hot-dogs were carried in different temperature conditions, so we chose a two-compartment refrigerator for transportation.

Rolls and sausages were carried in the first compartment at a temperature of -18C, mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise were carried in another compartment with a temperature level of + 4C.

Our driver provided correct positioning of the cargo inside the car, as well as fastening belts for the safe transportation.

We have developed the safest route for the carriage of goods to Georgia – via ferry. Our truck was also delivered back via ferry to Chornomorsk. It is worth mentioning that at the moment, given the amount of unwanted goods from Ukraine and Europe to be transported through the territory of the Russian Federation, the ferry can be overloaded on it may not have enough seats to transport trucks. Since we already have the experience of transportation to Georgia, our truck was successfully delivered by ferry.

Corcel`s team of brokers has extensive experience in a customs clearance of goods both in Ukraine and in other countries (including Georgia).

For this transportation, we provided customers with advice on the necessary documents for the customs clearance, and also helped to get a veterinary certificate.

Temperature during the transportation was different in individual cells of the refrigerator. It was important to our client to avoid downtime of the vehicle, because transportation of food products is limited in time.

Specifications of transportation:

  • Corcel provided its own refrigerator of Euro-5 standard;
  • The refrigerator was a two-compartment, multi-temperature in each compartment;
  • Corcel team helped the client to get a veterinary certificate;
  • In both directions the truck was delivered via ferry.

Transportation of food requires a lot of attention to the organization of transportation. Our main task is to deliver the cargo in safely and in the shortest possible time, since food belongs to perishable goods.

Logistics company Corcel successfully coped with the international transportation of products on the route Tulchin (Ukraine) – Tbilisi (Georgia).

If you need to transport products from the European Union to Ukraine (or vice versa), contact Corcel, we`ll advise you on all issues and give an estimated cost of a single transportation, and cost of services under the terms of the logistics outsourcing.

You can send your order to logistic@corcel.com.ua, call the numbers that are listed on our website or click on “Request a Rate” button.

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