Transportation of plastic from Italy to Ukraine

Transportation of plastic from Italy to Ukraine


We maintained international transportation of plastic from Italy to Ukraine

Project implementation period: 20-29 September 2016
Route: Italy (Canonica d`Adda, Roncello) – Kharkov (Ukraine)
Type of cargo: plastic
Cargo weight: 3,5 tons
Number of Units: 19 pallets
Type of transport: car (awning)
Regularity of dispatch: a few times per month

Necessary services from us

Our client was interested in providing express delivery of plastics from Italy to Ukraine. For this transportation our team has provided:

  • Selection of the most suitable car for transportation;
  • Securing of cargo inside the truck;
  • Selection of the optimal route for transportation;
  • Preparation of documentation;
  • Express delivery.

What we`ve done

Logistics company Corcel specializes in transportation of groupage cargoes. Very often our customers come to us with a request for the transportation of small quantities of goods. Thus it is possible to significantly reduce logistics costs in transportation.

The Corcel company on a regular basis provides a number of flights from the European Union to Ukraine, including from Italy to Ukraine.

In order to deliver the goods to our customers as a part of groupage cargo:

  • We offered our clients the most suitable truck run date;
  • We chose the most optimal route for transportation.

When transporting plastic we used pallets of standard size. Our driver  ensured that the goods have been correctly placed in the vehicle, taking into account all the requirements for the load on axles.

Freight forwarding transport delivered cargo by CMR within a consolidated cargo. Our team has developed an optimal route of transportation.

There were 2 points of loading in Italy: at the first point 18 pallets were loaded (dimensions 1,2m x 1m x 2m), at the second 1 pallet was loaded (dimensions 1,2m x 1m x 2m).

Loading was carried out at both points on 20th September 2016. Pallets were loaded into the truck with a forklift.

Corcel`s team of brokers prepared documentation in advance (shipping documents), which were needed for customs clearance. It is very important for the transportation of goods in groupage cargo to provide quality preparation of documents as any delays in customs clearance of one of the modular cargo can result in downtime of all goods that are being transported

Peculiarities of transportation:

  • Goods were transported in groupage cargo;
  • Corcel provided its own truck (tilt);
  • For this carriage standard pallets have been prepared;
  • 2 points of loading in Italy.

Corcel successfully organized the delivery of plastic in a consolidated cargo, respecting the delivery times.

We encourage you to contact logistics company Corcel, if you are interested in transportation of your goods in groupage cargo (on a regular basis, once only). Our experts will advise you on all the issues.

You can contact us using the button “Request a Rate”, phone numbers that are listed on our website. You can also send your request to our mailbox logistic@corcel.com.ua.

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