International transportation of medicines

International transportation of medicines


We carried out an international transportation of medicines

Project implementation period: 27 January-March 2017 December
Route: France (Moussy-le-Neuf) – Ukraine (Dnepr)
Type of cargo: Medications (vaccine)
Cargo weight: 10 tons
Number of Units: 33 pallets
Type of transport: car (refrigerator with a thermograph)
Regularity of dispatch: by request

Necessary services from us

The customer was interested in the international carriage of goods from France to Ukraine:

  • Choosing the right vehicle for the transportation of medicines;
  • Securing of cargo inside the truck;
  • Issuing of Carnet TIR to simplify customs clearance;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Transportation of the vaccine in a refrigerator to Ukraine;
  • Provision of data from thermograph to the client after discharging.

What we`ve done

The most important thing for transportation of medicals is to find the most suitable vehicle. We have set our own refrigerator, compliant with Euro-5, to deliver containers with vaccine. Our delivery driver made sure that the cargo is securely fastened in the vehicle and containers with vaccine will not be broken during transportation process.

Corcel`s team advised our client on all the necessary documents for customs clearance.

For this transportation we have issued Carnet TIR, in order the goods could be delivered  in the sealed car to the customs control.

Throughout the transportation temperature control was maintained in the range of + 4-6ºC.

It was very important to deliver the goods within the specified period, keeping the temperature regime, because our client needed to receive data from termograph after unloading of the goods.

Peculiarities of transportation:

  • Corcel provided its own truck (refrigerator);
  • During transportation, we maintained temperature in the range of + 4-6ºC;
  • Data on temperature conditions have been transferred to the customer at the place of discharge;
  • The border crossing was carried out in Jagodin, the customs clearance was held in Dnipro;
  • We issued Carnet TIR for this transportation.

Transportation of medicines is a complex process that requires attention to documentary support, as well as to maintaining a given temperature mode of transportation, as the main task of the carrier is to deliver the goods to the customer on time and in full safety.

Logistics company Corcel successfully coped with the delivery of medicines from France (Moussy-le-Neuf) to Ukraine (Dnipro).

If you are interested in an international transportation of medicals or any medications, contact Corcel, our team will calculate for you the cost of a one-time transportation or transportation under the terms of “logistics outsourcing.”

To contact us, please send your request to e-mail logistic@corcel.com.ua or call phone numbers that are listed at our web-site.

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