Transportation of optigen to Ukraine

Transportation of optigen to Ukraine


Corcel complied with the international transportation of feed additives

Project implementation period: 6-11 October 2016
Route: Kortemark (Belgium) – Kiev (Ukraine)
Type of cargo: feed additives for animals, Optigen
Weight of cargo: 21 tons
Volume: 83 m3
Type of transport: car (awning)
Regularity of dispatch: one-time delivery

Necessary services from us

Our client was interested in the international carriage of veterinary products:

What we`ve done

It is difficult to imagine livestock industry without the various veterinary products in our time.

Increasingly, clients of the Corcel company come to us with requests for transportation of drugs and feed additives for animals.

In this particular case, our client needed an organization of international transportation of feed additives for animals. For that transportation Corcel provided its own truck for loading, which meets Euro-5 standard. Transportation of animal health products requires preparation for the process: the car body must be clean and dry. Therefore, we have chosen an appropriate vehicle, as well as advised our customer to fix the packs with food additives on wooden pallets.

Our driver checked that the load has been carefully fixed in a car body. For secure mounting we needed tightening belts. Compliance with safety regulations, as well as the traffic rules on the roads of state and local significance is a direct duty of our drivers.

To import feed additives to Ukraine it is necessry to go through 3 kinds of control at the border:

  • Veterinary
  • Ecological
  • Sanitary and epidemiological

Since Corcel team has extensive experience in the transportation of cargoes from Europe to Ukraine, we have advised our clients in advance for the necessary customs documentation for importing of fodder additives to Ukraine.

Specifications of transportation:

  • The truck has been prepared in advance for transportation;
  • For securing cargo we needed tightening belts;
  • On the border we had to go through 3 types of control;
  • Crossing the border has been committed through Yagodyn.

Logistics company Corcel successfully completed the international transportation of veterinary products from Belgium to Ukraine.

The products were delivered on time and in complete safety, with full respect for the rules of cargo transportation by roads.

If you are interested in transportation of fodder (animal drugs), contact Corcel, our team will advise you on all your questions. Upon your request, we`ll calculate the cost of transportation of your cargo.

You can leave us your request to e-mail logistic@corcel.com.ua, call the phone numbers that are listed in “Contacts”.

In addition, you can use our electronic request – the button “Request a Rate”.

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