International transportation of animal skins

International transportation of animal skins


The Corcel company has implemented international export transportation of chemicals

Project implementation period: August 29 – September 2, 2016
Route: Kharkov (Ukraine) – Lebbeke (Belgium)
Type of cargo: rabbit skins dry
Shipping weight: 10 tons
Number of units: 40-50 m3
Type of transport: automobile, coupler
Regularity of dispatch: one time every few months

Necessary services from us

Every few months, the Corcel company delivers animal skins from Ukraine to EU countries by request of their regular customers. Last time the goods were delivered to Belgium. For carrying out this transportation, our team has provided:

  • Selection of a suitable truck run for the transportation of goods in groupage cargo;
  • Preparation of the vehicle for transportation;
  • Express delivery of goods to Belgium.

What we`ve done

Better of all is to transport animal skins in a closed van. Upon delivery of this type of goods it is very important to take into account the temperature and humidity regimes. Animal skins can deteriorate at a high temperature in the van or at a high level of humidity. It is best to carry and transport dried skins. That is why we have provided for the delivery pre-cleaned and pre-dried truck of Euro-5 standard.

It was important to our client to deliver the goods in a short time, so we offered express-delivery of goods in groupage cargo. Logistics company Corcel sends trucks to European Union countries on a regular basis, so we immediately offered to the customer an available date.

Particular attention was paid to the securing of cargo inside the vehicle. When transporting animal skins it is very important to place the cargo in a van so that it was not damaged.

In addition, we have proposed for the transportation a wagon with wooden sides, which contributes to the preservation of the goods in their original form.

Our team of brokers has prepared in advance all necessary documentation to pass the border control.

For this carriage, we:

  • Issued transit declaration T1;
  • Helped customer to obtain a veterinary certificate.

Specifications of transportation:

  • Transportation of goods took place in a consolidated cargo in a coupler automobile;
  • The van was equipped with wooden boards;
  • The cargo was delivered as part of the groupage cargo;
  • At the border we issued T1 and veterinary certificate.

Transportation of animal skins is a specific process in which you need to pay attention to the details of loading and packaging of goods, van treatment before and after transportation. Our team has successfully coped with the rapid delivery of skins from Ukraine to Belgium.

This product has been delivered in safety and on time.

If you are interested in transportation of skins from Ukraine to the EU, please contact Corcel. Our experts will calculate for you the cost of transportation in a single machine or in a groupage cargo. If necessary, we can provide you with transportation under the terms of “logistics outsourcing.”

Leave your request by pressing “Request a rate” or via our postal address logistic@corcel.com.ua.

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