International transportation of agricultural equipment

International transportation of agricultural equipment


Corcel has maintained international transportation of agricultural equipment

Project implementation period: 8-14 April 2016
Route: Tolosa (Spain) – Rivne (Ukraine)
Type of cargo: equipment for agricultural machinery and (tools and spare parts)
Weight of cargo: 22 tons
Number of units: 15 pallets
Type of vehicle: truck (awning)
Regularity of dispatch: a few times per month

Necessary services from our side

Customer demanded full range of logistics services (“turnkey”):

  • Supply of the vehicle;
  • Packing, loading of goods;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Express cargo delivery by road.

What we`ve done

When transporting the equipment the biggest attention was paid to the choice of a vehicle. As a rule, when transporting this type of cargo platforms or trucks with tilt are used. Corcel`s own truck with tilt was supplied for that transportation (in order to be able to download cargo from the side of the car, because the equipment for agriculture applies to oversized cargo).

Our team has prepared the packaging for the equipment – we have fixed pieces of equipment on the pallets and covered them with a stretch-film. The sender has loaded the goods on his own into the truck. Our driver, in turn, has controlled the process of loading and securing of the goods into the vehicle, because it was important to ensure the cargo to be motionless into the vehicle on the route.

Logistics company Corcel has been for a long time engaged into international road transportations from Europe to Ukraine. Our brokers know all the nuances of customs clearance. All documents on transportation of the equipment had been prepared in advance, so we avoided the downtime of the vehicle.

Corcel has more than 80 cars of Euro-5 standard as a part of its own fleet. Our team has developed a fast and convenient transportation route, whereby goods have been delivered in a full safety.

Specification of the transportation:

  • Corcel`s own truck was used for transportation of oversized cargo;
  • Side loading into the vehicle;
  • Customs documentation for transportation was prepared in advance.

Logistics company Corcel successfully provided international road transportation of oversized cargo (agricultural equipment) on the route Tolosa (Spain) – Rivne (Ukraine).

The equipment was delivered to the customer on time and at a reasonable price.

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