International road transportation of wine

International road transportation of wine


Corcel maintaned international road transportation of wine

Project implementation period: 11-24 April 2016
Route: Malaga, Murcia, Ciudad Real (Spain) – Kiev (Ukraine)
Type of cargo: wine
Weight of cargo: 20 tons
Number of units: 29 europallets
Type of vehicle: cars (refrigerator with a recorder)
Regularity of dispatch: a few times per month

Necessary services from our side

Customer demanded full range of logistics services ( “turnkey”):

  • Selection of packaging and cargo fixing into the truck;
  • Selection of the vehicle and the optimum route;
  • Issuing of the documentation for customs clearance;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Delivery by road (in a refrigerator) to Ukraine;
  • Monitoring of temperature at each stage of transportation.

What we`ve done

Corcel company has extensive experience in transportations of alcoholic beverages (including wine) from the European Union to Ukraine. Transportation of wine requires adherence to certain rules. It was very important to pay attention to the following points:

  • We have advised our client to pack bottles of wine into the corrugated boxes. Additionally, each of the boxes has been fixed by belts into the vehicle.
  • Pallets have been installed close to each other, because the cargo was fragile.

Corcel provided a refrigerator of Euro-5 standard for transportation to maintain the set temperature (16 C), as well as to avoid direct sunlight on the cargo.

Our brokers have prepared documents for customs clearance in advance.

Customs code for wine is 2204.

For wine importing to Ukraine (except for the documentation of the customer, i.e. the import license, excise stamps, certificate of conformity) we`ve got:

  • Certificate of origin (EUR-1);
  • Conclusion of Sanitary-epidemiological Service (SES).

Transportation route was as follows: Malaga – Murcia – Ciudad Real (Spain) – Kiev (Ukraine). We had to carry out loading of goods at the 3 starting points, and then to deliver the goods to Kiev. We have set one of the most experienced drivers for that truck run, as there were several loading points. It was very important to control the process of loading and securing boxes of wine inside of the vehicle to carry the goods arrived safely to the final recipient.

Refrigerators of Corcel can read data on the temperature conditions at each stage of transportation. We maintain the desired temperature conditions on the basis of the cold chain system.

Transportation of alcoholic beverages (including wine) is a complex process that requires attention to many details.

Specifications of transportation:

  • For the loading we have set our refrigerator with a temperature recorder;
  • Temperature conditions during the whole delivery was at the range of 16 C;
  • Loading of goods was made at 3 points;
  • We have received for the customer certificate EUR-1 for wine import to Ukraine.

Corcel has successfully maintained international transportation of wine by road from Spain to Ukraine.

If you are interested in a one-time delivery of wine from Europe to Ukraine, or under the terms of the logistics outsourcing, contact Corcel company, and we`ll orient you on the cost of delivery you are interested in. You can send your request to us to the email: logistic@corcel.com.ua or call the numbers in the Contacts section.

Also, estimated cost you can find out by using the button “Request a Rate”.

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