International transportation of perishable goods

International transportation of perishable goods


We maintained the international transportation of perishable goods

Project implementation period: 22-29 April 2016
Route: Yahotyn (Kyiv region, Ukraine.) – Madrid (Spain)
Type of cargo: Confectionery products
Weight of cargo: 19.5 tons
Number of units: 33 pallets
Type of vehicle: auto (refrigerator with temperature registrator)
Regularity of dispatch: by request

Necessary services from our side

The customer was interested in support of freight transportation on a “turnkey” condition:

  • selecting of the most appropriate vehicle for the transportation of perishable goods;
  • fixing of the cargo inside a truck;
  • issuing Carnet TIR for the simplification of customs procedures;
  • customs clearance;
  • delivery by refrigerator to Ukraine;
  • data on the temperature conditions in each stage were sent to the customer.

What we`ve done

First of all, for the transportation of perishable goods you need to choose the most appropriate vehicle. For the loading we have provided a refrigerator that meets Euro-5 standard. Our driver checked the cargo to be well fixed onto a truck to provide safety transportation.

Our team of brokers provided the preparation of all documents for customs clearance in advance.

For this transportation we:

  • issued Carnet TIR;
  • got on the border permit of the sanitary-epidemiological service (SES).
  • During the delivery the transport temperature range was + 18ºC.

It was important to deliver the goods in the shortest possible time and support certain temperature range, otherwise the goods would have been corrupted in transit.

Specifications of the transportation:

  1. For downloading Corcel has provided its own truck (refrigerator);
  2. Transportation was conducted in the “cold chain”;
  3. Data on the temperature regime was in access for the customer;
  4. It was delivery under Carnet TIR.

Transportation of perishable products is a complex process that requires attention to documentary support, as well as to the temperature mode of transportation, as the main task of the carrier is to deliver the cargo to its destination in one piece.

Corcel successfully delivered confectionery products on the route Yahotyn (Ukraine) – Madrid (Spain).

If you are interested in an international delivery of confectionery products or any perishables, contact Corcel, we will calculate for you the cost of one-time and regular services on a “turn-key”.

You can send your request to our mail logistic@corcel.com.ua or call the phone numbers that are listed at our website.

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