We’ve carried out international carriage of frozen berries

We’ve carried out international carriage of frozen berries


Corcel carried out international carriage of frozen berries

Project implementation period: 19-27 September 2016
Route: Ukraine (Kiev) – France (Pen d`Azhene)
Type of cargo: deep-frozen berries
Shipping weight: 20000 kg. net / 21,250 kg. gross
Number of units: 30 pallets
Type of transport: refrigerated trailer
Regularity of dispatch: one-time delivery, a new client

Necessary services from us

A New client of Corcel was interested in international cargo delivery:

  • Selecting of the most appropriate vehicle for transportation;
  • Creating special conditions for the transporting in the “cold chain”;
  • Shipping berries refrigerator to France;
  • Control of temperature rate by the customer at every stage of transportation.

What we`ve done

Transportation of frozen food requires attention to the organization of the transport processes. Firstly, you need to choose the right vehicle. Frozen products are transported while maintaining the temperature of at least – 6C. Secondly, a container/trailer should be clean and meet all the requirements of sanitary standards. Only under these conditions your goods can be delivered in full safety.

Corcel has provided its own refrigerator, which complies with Euro-5 standard, for this transportation on the sender’s request. It was very important to our customer to observe a mode of “cold chain” while transporting frozen berries. Corcel team pre-cooled a car trailer before loading process at the sender’s warehouse.

The temperature in the refrigerator was – 18C at all stages of transportation. Our client could see temperature data at all stages of delivery (it was one of the main conditions of our contract).

Corcel has developed an optimal transport route, which is also important for the transportation of frozen products as a vehicle downtime may damage the quality of a product.

Packing, loading, labeling was provided by the customer at his warehouse. Our  driver has secured all pallets inside the truck.

Corcel`s brokers conducted customs clearance process, as well as checked shipping documents to be in order.

Specifications of transportation:

  • We have provided a refrigerator with temperature registrator at the customer`s warehouse;
  • Delivery was conducted in a “cold chain” mode;
  • Customer had an access to temperature data;
  • Our brokers have checked all commodity-transport documents and documents for customs clearance.

Transportation of frozen products (including berries) refers to processes that require compliance with the “cold chain” mode, which is the only way to deliver goods to the customer in safety.

Logistics company Corcel successfully coped with delivery of berries from Ukraine to France.

If you are interested in international carriage of frozen foods (meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, etc.), please contact Corcel. Our team will calculate for you the approximate cost of a one-time delivery or under terms of “logistics outsourcing.”

We look forward to your inquiries to our e-mail  logistic@corcel.com.ua or phone via numbers that are listed at our website.

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