Delivery of furniture from 2 EU countries to Ukraine

Delivery of furniture from 2 EU countries to Ukraine


We provided delivery of furniture from 2 EU countries to Ukraine

Project implementation period: 18-28 April 2016
Route: Estarreja (Portugal) – Aveiro (Portugal) – Magdeburg (Germany) – Kiev (Ukraine)
Type of cargo: furniture and tiles
Weight of cargo: 17 tons
Number of units: 8 pallets of tiles, 70 m3 of furniture
Type of vehicle: car (awning)
Regularity of dispatch: one-time

Necessary services from our side

Customer needed a range of logistics services (“turnkey”):

  • Truck for loading should be provided at 3 loading points;
  • Customs clearance in Portugal;
  • Carnet TIR issuing;
  • Delivery of furniture to Kiev (Ukraine), discharging at 2 places.

What we`ve done

When transporting the furniture the most important thing is to choose the right vehicle, because the furniture may have different dimensions and cannot always be loaded from behind. Our team has provided our own car (with awning). Due to this, the loading was made from the back of the vehicle. The second important factor for the sender was the presence of straps for cargo securing inside the car. Furniture is an expensive commodity, so it was very important to the customer to bring all units fully intact, with no damage.

Our driver followed cargo securing and fastening in the vehicle.

Logistics company Corcel has extensive experience in customs clearance of cargoes both in Europe and in Ukraine. By prior arrangement with the customer, customs clearance in Portugal we conducted on our own, while in Germany cargo owner has made customs clearance himself. Our brokers have prepared all documents in advance, so there were no problems with customs clearance at the border.

The client also required to issue Carnet TIR, which inherently has a financial guarantee for the goods in transit through the territory of Europe.

Peculiarities of transportation:

  1. When transporting furniture we have supplied our own track (with tilt and straps for cargo securing;
  2. Back and side loading into the truck;
  3. Carnet TIR issuing, as well as customs clearance in Portugal.

We successfully coped with the international carriage of veterinary products along the route Barcelona (Spain) – Warsaw (Poland) – Minsk, Zhodino, Molodecho (Belarus).

This product has been delivered within the specified period to Belarus.

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