Delivery of fruits from Spain

Delivery of fruits from Spain


We carried out international cargo transportation of fruits

Project implementation period: 23-30 June 2016
Route: Spain (Huesca, Lleida) – Ukraine (Kiev)
Type of cargo: fruit (nectarine)
Shipping weight: 21 tons
Number of units: 21 pallet
Type of transport: truck (reefer)
Regularity of dispatch: seasonally, regular customer

Necessary services from us

Our client was interested in international shipping:

  • The selection and submission of a vehicle for the transportation of perishable goods;
  • Delivery of fruits by a reefer to Ukraine;
  • Temperature data at every stage of transportation.

What we`ve done

Fruits are dedicated to perishable products, so first we needed to evaluate the shelf life of fruits and duration of transportation, as in the case of long transportation fruits can not be fresh. The second important point in this case – the choice of a vehicle. For this transportation Corcel provided its own car (refrigerator) of Euro-5 standard. It was very important for our client that the fruits have been transported in a refrigerator with a temperature registrator. Thus the customer can check the temperature rate at any stage of transportation.

Temperature rate was + 2C at all stages of transportation.

Our team has developed an optimal route of transportation, as we needed to avoid a downtime of the vehicle. There were 3 different places of loading in Spain. The first two were in the area of ​​Huesca (at first – 4 pallets were loaded, at the second point – 14 pallets), the third point was near Lleida city (3 pallets were loaded). Fixing and securing process was maintained by our driver.

Our client conducted customs clearance in Spain himself.

It was important to maintain the temperature regime into the truck and to deliver the goods to Ukraine without delay, as fruit are perishable goods.

Specification of transportation:

  • We provided our own reefer with temperature registrator for this shipment;
  • Transportation took place in the “cold chain”;
  • Client was tracking temperature data at every stage of transportation;
  • The customer himself spent the customs clearance in Spain.

Transportation of perishable foods (including fruits) is a process that requires attention to selection of a vehicle, maintenance of temperature regime. Our main task was to deliver the goods to the customer intact.

Corcel successfully delivered fruits from Spain to Ukraine.

If you are interested in international carriage of fruits, please contact Corcel, we will calculate for you the approximate cost of the one-time transportation or the cost of services on the terms of logistics outsourcing.

Send your request to our mail logistic@corcel.com.ua or contact us via numbers that are listed at our website.

Our team immediately will contact you to clarify all the details.

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