We delivered fertilizers from Valencia to Kiev

We delivered fertilizers from Valencia to Kiev


Logistics company Corcel maintained international transportation of fertilizers for agriculture

Project implementation period: 8-18 March 2016
Route: Valencia (Spain) – Kiev (Ukraine)
Type of cargo: fertilizers for agriculture
Weight of cargo: 14 tons
Number of units: 30 pallets
Type of vehicle: car(tilt)
Regularity of dispatch: monthly delivery

Necessary services from our side

The client was interested in a full range of logistics services (logistics outsourcing):

  • Supply of the truck at 5 different shipping points;
  • Loading and fixing of the cargo;
  • Consolidation of the cargo at our warehouse in Warsaw (Poland);
  • Customs clearance;
  • Delivery by road.


Today, using of fertilizers is an integral part of the process of growing plants, improving soil quality, protecting plants from pests and more. With fertilizers volume of produced agricultural production can be significantly increased, so transportations of this type of cargo are fairly popular among our customers.

Transportation of fertilizer is a complex process that requires a great attention to every stage of transportation and professional approach to all related details.

Storage, transportation and using of fertilizers in agriculture are carried out in accordance with the rules of transportation of dangerous goods by road.

Corcel has supplied its own truck for loading fertilizers at sender` stock. Particular attention was paid to the vehicle’s trailer – it was clean and dry. Also, according to the Rules of transportation, we picked up the car with a tarpaulin to prevent dusting.

Loading of the goods was carried out by the customer. Fertilizers were already packed, that facilitated our task to ensure the safe transportation. In that case our driver was responsible for the loading process, securing and distribution of the cargo weight on vehicle axles.

Our team previously has prepared all necessary documents for customs clearance. Certificate EUR-1 was needed for importing of agricultural fertilizers to Ukraine. Corcel company is a specialist in all the nuances of customs clearance, so all commodity-accompanying documents were prepared in advance and in full accordance with customs regulations.

We have set one of the most experienced drivers to provide transportation of the cargo in the right speed mode. When transporting this type of cargo it is very important to secure the cargo so it was not damaged into the vehicle. The chosen route has allowed us to deliver the goods on time and to reduce the cost of the customer.


  • Fertilizers for agriculture related to dangerous goods;
  • It was important to observe the Rules of carriage of dangerous goods;
  • To deliver the goods we used Corcel`s truck (tilt);
  • To import the fertilizers we received certificate EUR-1 for the client.

Corcel company has successfully provided international transportation of fertilizers for agriculture on the route Valencia (Spain) – Kiev (Ukraine), while respecting the Rules of carriage of dangerous goods.

The cargo was delivered to the customer within a specified period of time and in the proper form.

If you are interested in a one-time transportation of fertilizers (dangerous goods) or in a transportation of the same type of goods on a regular basis, please contact logistics company Corcel via numbers listed in Contacts or in Skype.

Alternatively, you can use the “Request a Rate” button at our website.

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