Delivery of textile (Italy – Ukraine)

Delivery of textile (Italy – Ukraine)


We organized delivery of textile in a groupage cargo

Project implementation period: 1-7 July 2016
Route: Italy (Prato) – Novgorod-Volynskyi (Zhytomyr region, Ukraine)
Type of cargo: textile fabric
Weight of cargo: 575 kg
Number of units: 15 rolls, 156 * 27 * 27
Type of vehicle: auto (tilt)
Regularity of dispatch: several times per month, our constant customer

Necessary services from us

The client was interested in express delivery of the cargo at a low cost:

  • Supply of a suitable vehicle;
  • Loading;
  • Selection of the optimal route;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Express delivery by truck.

What we`ve done

Company Corcel permanently organizes transportation of cargoes from the EU to Ukraine (and vice versa). Our customers often ask for a cost calculation in a groupage cargo. Thus it is possible to reduce significantly the cost of cargo transportation.

To transport the tissue in the groupage cargo:

  1. we offered our customer the most convenient time for the truck run;
  2. we ensured the most favorable to the client transportation route.

The most important thing for the carriage of fabric was to ensure that moisture can not get inside the van despite the weather conditions.

Also, our driver was responsible for the process of cargo fixing and securing into the vehicle.

Corcel`s team prepared the documents for customs clearance in advance, so all loads in the groupage cargo have been cleared for a short time. To import fabric we had to prepare a standard set of documents for customs clearance: a contract, customs declaration, commercial invoice, shipping documents, and others.

Specifications of the transportation

  • Transportation of fabric was in the groupage cargo;
  • For this transportation Corcel provided its own truck of Euro-5 standard;
  • For customs clearance we needed a standard package of documents.

Our team successfully managed the transportation of tissue in a groupage cargo.

If you are interested in transportation of groupage cargo for one-time or on a regular basis, contact Corcel, our team will calculate for you the two possible options.

Your request you can send us to an e-mail logistic@corcel.com.ua, and call via phone numbers that are listed in Contacts at our website.

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