Transportation of hydraulic fluid from Spain (ADR 3)

Transportation of hydraulic fluid from Spain (ADR 3)


Logistics company Corcel performed an international transportation of ADR cargo

Project implementation period: August 31 – September 8, 2017
Route: 08210 Barbera del Valles (Spain) – Kiev (Ukraine)
Type of cargo: hydraulic fluid, ADR class 3
Cargo weight: 13 tons
Number of units: 16 pallets
Mode of transport: refrigerator
Regularity of dispatch: once a month

Necessary services from our side

The client has made a request to Corcel, because he`d faced an unsuccessful experience of cooperation with a brokerage company in Ukraine before, which did not cope with the task to deliver the goods “on a turn-key basis”, which, accordingly, disrupted the delivery time and the ability to fulfill obligations to the supplier.

Our client needed us to provide a project “on a turn-key basis” (logistics outsourcing):

  • Preparation of a comprehensive transportation solution;
  • Supply of the truck for loading;
  • Development of the transportation route;
  • Preparation and execution of customs documentation;
  • Customs clearance in Spain and Ukraine;
  • Express delivery of the cargo.

What we`ve done

Immediately after receipt of the request, our team began to develop a comprehensive solution for the transportation of ADR cargo. Our employees have prepared a project for the preparation of documents, customs clearance, delivery of cargo within 2 days. We also advised our client on all the peculiarities of ADR cargo transportation.

Since the client could brake the terms of the contract, we paid special attention to working out the terms of delivery.

Transportation of ADR cargo requires knowledge of the specifics and compliance with the rules for the transportation of dangerous goods.

In particular, it is important to pay attention to the classes of goods that are carried at the same time, as it is not always possible to transport goods of different hazard classes in a one vehicle.

Since logistics company Corcel ensures the transportation of dangerous goods on an ongoing basis, we`ve found an opportunity to ensure the delivery of the goods in consolidated cargo from Spain to Ukraine in the shortest time.

It is worth noting that, thanks to the proposed transportation option, our customer saved money on delivery.

Corcel`s brokers assisted our client in the preparation of permits (including in the issuing of the certificate of origin EUR-1), and also prepared and agreed with the client a full package of documents for customs clearance, taking into account all customs features in Ukraine. It was extremely important for us to deliver the goods to the dates indicated by the client, so the package of documents was prepared with a special care.

Carrying out a turnkey transportation involves customs clearance both in Ukraine and in Spain. To this end, we have provided brokers for export and import customs clearance in Spain and Ukraine.

After loading the goods into the truck, we put an experienced driver from Corcel`s team on the flight, since the transportation of dangerous goods first of all requires compliance with safety rules and the correct speed regime.

Specifications of the transportation:

  • The cargo belongs to the 3rd class of danger;
  • The hydraulic fluid was installed on the pallet and securely fixed in the vehicle;
  • Corcel provided customs clearance in Spain and Ukraine;
  • Carnet-TIR was issued for the transportation;
  • For delivery of the goods we used our own Euro-5 standard truck.

Logistics company Corcel successfully completed the project for the international transportation of dangerous goods ADR (3rd class of danger) along the route Spain – Ukraine.

The hydraulic fluid was delivered on time, due to which our customer was able to fulfill obligations to the supplier.

In case you are interested in carriage of ADR cargo (once or under conditions of logistics outsourcing), contact Corcel at logistic@corcel.com.ua or call the numbers that are posted on our website.

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