Regular delivery of cosmetics from Spain to Kazakhstan

Regular delivery of cosmetics from Spain to Kazakhstan


We organized logistics for regular supply of cosmetics from Spain to Kazakhstan.

Route: Barcelona (Spain) – Almaty (Kazakhstan)
Project implementation period: 2016 year
Type of cargo: Aesthetic beauty
Weight of cargo: 700 kg (each supply)
Number of units: 2 pallets (each supply)
Type of vehicle: truck
Regularity of dispatch: weekly

Necessary services from our side

The client required maintenance of the project on “turnkey” conditions:

  • Preparation and execution of all accompanying documentation;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Express delivery by a truck;
  • Assistance in expanding the customer base.


In November 2015, in Spain, there was a meeting between our director and the head of the plant (production of aesthetic cosmetics). After discussion of the delivery conditions we signed a contract for cooperation in 2016. This contract confirms agreement between parties for weekly transportations of cosmetics from Barcelona (Spain) to Almaty (Kazakhstan), weighing 700 kg (2 pallets).

Cosmetics is a specific cargo, requiring compliance with all the conditions of transportation. Transportation of cosmetics on “turnkey” conditions requires high-quality preparation of each of the planned stages – supply of the vehicle, selection of packaging, route planning and observance of all customs formalities.

For the performance of the contract, we have immediately started preparing of the necessary documentation for customs clearance. With a particular care our team has prepared permit documentation, as customs officers check very carefully the supporting documents of this kind of goods.

Logistics company Corcel has provided the best package option for safe transportation – cosmetics was packed into boxes and fixed on standard pallets.

For each delivery we have ensured the supply of Corcel own cars, which meet Euro-5 standard.

As part of our agreement with the client, we also help to increase supply volumes by finding new customers.


  • Freight is provided under long-term logistics contact;
  • For the transportation we use our own trucks.
Corcel successfully implements transportation of cosmetics (“turnkey”) on the route Barcelona (Spain) – Almaty (Kazakhstan).

If you are interested in transportation of cosmetics (one-time, or on condition of “logistics outsourcing”), call via phone numbers or Skype, listed in Contacts.

The price of transportation can also be found by clicking “Request a rate”.

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