Consolidated transportation of cosmetics from the EU

Consolidated transportation of cosmetics from the EU


We`ve organized consolidated transportation of cosmetics from 5 European countries to Ukraine.

Project implementation period: February 2016
Route: Spain (Girona) – France (Aller) – Switzerland (Geneva) – Austria (Leobendorf) – Czech Republic (Kysice) – Ukraine (Kharkiv)
Type of cargo: cosmetics
Weight of cargo: 6 tons
Number of units: 15 pallets
Type of vehicle: truck (tilt), Euro-5 standard
Regularity of dispatch: one-time

Necessary services from our side

The customer was interested in logistics services, under “turnkey” conditions:

  • Supply of the truck at 5 different shipping points;
  • Loading and fixing of the cargo;
  • Consolidation of the cargo at our warehouse in Warsaw (Poland);
  • Customs clearance;
  • Delivery by road.


Corcel team has extensive experience in the transportation of consolidated cargoes. We regularly organize truck runs from Europe to Ukraine (and vice versa). Our task was to pick up cargo from 5 different shipping points and to provide express delivery to Kharkiv (Ukraine).

Cosmetics refers to the type of cargo that requires special attention to all the conditions of transportation.

Logistics services under “turnkey” conditions involve the provision of all the stages of the transportation process – supply of a truck, packing, loading and securing of cargoes, customs clearance and delivery by road.

We`ve packed the goods into wooden boxes and secured them into a vehicle to provide safe transportation.

Logistics company Corcel has ensured prompt supply of the truck to 5 shipping points and also proposed consolidation of all 5 cargoes at our warehouse in Warsaw (Poland) before importing to Ukraine, thus saving money and time resources.

Our brokers have also prepared a complete package of documents required for customs clearance of each part of the consolidated cargo and provided verification of all documentation by our manager at customs.


  • The client needed cargo transportation from 5 different European countries to Ukraine;
  • Delivery of the cargo was provided on the terms of “turnkey”;
  • Corcel has provided its own truck (tilt);
  • Consolidation of cargo was carried out at Corcel`s warehouse in Poland (Warsaw).

Corcel has provided transportation of the consolidated cargoes from 5 European countries to Ukraine quickly and efficiently.

If you are interested in organizing of cosmetics and perfumery transportation (on a regular basis, “turnkey”, or one-time), please contact us via numbers or in Skype, which are listed in “Contacts“.

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