International carriage of confectionery to Ukraine

International carriage of confectionery to Ukraine


We maintained international carriage of confectionery

Project implementation period: 12-23 July 2016
Route: Spain (Toledo, Palencia) – Germany (Soest) – Ukraine (Kiev)
Type of cargo: cookies, nougat
Weight of cargo: 11.1 tons
Number of units: 30 pallets
Type of vehicle: truck (refrigerator)
Regularity of dispatch: several times per month, our constant customer

Necessary services from us

Our client was interested in the delivery under “turnkey” conditions:

  • Selection of the most appropriate vehicle for transportation;
  • Fixing and securing of the cargo;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Cargo delivery on a specified route;
  • Stickering of goods;
  • Tracking temperature data at each stage of the transportation.

What we`ve done

Our customers often order the transportation of perishable goods. There are more than 80 cars that meet Euro-5 standard in Corcel`s fleet. There are also modern refrigerators equipped with automatic temperature control modes among of them.

To follow the rules, for this transportation we necessarily needed devices for securing cargo.

Our driver made sure that the load was securely fixed inside the vehicle to be delivered to the recipient in its original form.

Our brokers provided all the documents for customs clearance in advance. After loading in two loading points in Spain, we provided CC at the customs office in Spain. Then export formalities were completed in Germany. Thanks to high-quality preparation of documents we have avoided a vehicle downtime and therefore delivered perishable goods in time.

For this delivery:

  • We provided our own reefer;
  • We prepared documentation for customs clearance;
  • We got a permit of sanitary-epidemiological service (SES) at the border.

Temperature rate during transportation was + 15ºC. Our driver pre-cooled the refrigerator to the desired temperature.

It was a basic requirement of the customer that the products should follow in the “cold chain” mode.

Specifications of transportation:

  • For transportation we used our own reefer with the temperature registrator;
  • Transportation took place in the “cold chain”;
  • Our client could monitor temperature data at each stage of the delivery;
  • In Poland, it was necessary to provide stickering of the goods.

Transportation of confectionery necessarily requires attention to the choice of the vehicle, as well as documentation preparing. The main task of the carrier is to deliver the goods intact.

Corcel company successfully delivered confectionary products on the route: Spain (Toledo, Palencia) – Germany (Soest) – Ukraine (Kiev).

If you are interested in transportation of perishable products, please contact our company, we will calculate the approximate cost of a one-time transportation or on a “logistics outsourcing” basis.

Please send your request to our mail address logistic@corcel.com.ua or call by phones listed at our website.

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