International Freight of ADR cargo Barcelona – Nikolaev

International Freight of ADR cargo Barcelona – Nikolaev


Corcel has maintained international transportation of ADR cargo.

Project implementation period: 9-23 February 2016
Route: Barcelona (Spain) – Nikolaev (Ukraine)
Type of cargo: chemicals for swimming pools; 3,6,9 hazard class
Weight of cargo: 210 tons
Number of units: 18 pallets
Type of vehicle: cars Euro-5 standard
Regularity of dispatch: 2 times per month

Necessary services from our side

Customer needed us to support project on “turnkey” conditions (logistics outsourcing):

  • Supply of a truck;
  • Loading of the vehicle;
  • Preparation and execution of customs documents;
  • Delivery by road.


ADR cargo transportation is a time-consuming process, and it is very important, in particular, to organize delivery in time, as the delivery of dangerous chemicals is an integral part of the production process.

Logistics operator Corcel has fulfilled the request on “turnkey” conditions, which involve carrying out all the key stages of the transportation process.

Our team has chosen the best vehicle for cargo and ensured its supply in time. Corcel`s fleet of vehicles includes more than 80 trucks (Euro-5 standard).

Corcel always has a responsible approach to each stage of transportation. Providing international carriage of dangerous goods, we have paid special attention to the loading and securing of cargo inside the vehicle, so the goods have remained motionless during transportation.

Our brokers have issued all the necessary customs clearance documents.

It is very important to perform clearly all the formalities for the customs clearance, since the carriage of dangerous goods requires not only compliance with rules and regulations, but also with timing. Truck staying when transporting dangerous goods is unacceptable.

After loading, we have put an experienced driver from our team for this truck run, as the ADR cargo transportation process, first of all, requires compliance with safety rules and the correct speed limit.


  • The cargo belongs to 3,6,9 hazard classes;
  • To provide delivery in time we have very carefully prepared customs documentation;
  • To deliver the goods we`ve used our own truck of Euro-5 standard.

Logistics company Corcel has successfully implemented transportation of dangerous goods ADR (3, 6, 9 hazard classes) by road on the route Barcelona (Spain) – Nikolaev (Ukraine).

Chemicals for swimming pools have been delivered on time to the customer.

If you need to organize a transportation of dangerous goods – contact us.

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