Our quality certificates in the niche of pharmacology

Transportation of medicines is a responsible task that only an experienced logistician can handle. This product is extremely sensitive to external influences. Failure to comply with the conditions of transportation can cause its damage and entail significant financial losses. TRONKO will not allow this.

Requirements for the transportation of medicines

Medicines are classified as fragile goods. They are extremely sensitive to temperature, humidity, light levels. Therefore, their transportation involves:

  • maintaining an optimal, constant temperature;
  • maintaining a certain level of humidity;
  • darkening the body or container, the absence of light sources.

Also, many drugs have glass containers. During the journey, it is necessary to ensure their protection from mechanical damage. They are securely fixed in the vehicle and surrounded by special materials that protect them from impacts.

When transporting medicines, a package of documents is necessarily drawn up, which specifies the requirements for transportation and storage. It is possible to apply an appropriate label to the container, which allows you to keep the contents intact during loading operations.


Transportation of medicines is usually carried out by refrigerators or isothermal vans. Refrigerators can maintain a constant temperature inside the body, both negative and positive, as well as the level of humidity. Isothermal vans isolate the contents from external conditions, helping to maintain its original temperature.

Before transportation, the vehicle is sanitized, regardless of what cargo was transported before. The reason is that some types of medicines (for example, dried plants) can absorb odors. Sanitation allows you to avoid this and keep the quality of the goods unchanged.


In most cases, medicines are transported under the supervision of a driver only, without special security. However, there are categories of medicines that are of potential interest to thieves:

  • immunobiological;
  • psychotropic;
  • narcotic.

Their transportation is carried out under the supervision of an attendant and in a sealed vehicle. If necessary, an escort is possible.

Transportation of medicines with Corcel

Our company carries out international cargo transportation of any cargo, even the most fragile and expensive. Among them are medicines.

Transportation is carried out in refrigerators and isothermal vans, under strict control of temperature and humidity. We guarantee full compliance with the conditions of transportation and the safety of the cargo upon arrival.

Our company provides a full range of cargo transportation services:

  • preparation of documents;
  • insurance;
  • loading operations;
  • warehouse services;
  • customs clearance.


 Today we want to open the curtain of our achievements, and any certification and confirmation of quality is an achievement! What we like to work with is the niche of transportation and storage of pharmacology and medicines.


But in order to confirm our competence and high level of service in this area, we have been certified by the GDP (Good Distribution Practice). This is a quality assurance system for warehouse enterprises and wholesale depots in the field of drug circulation. Internationally accepted GDP rules require distributors of pharmaceutical products to bring their activities into line with these standards.


The value and distribution of GDP requirements to logistics organizations is due to the need to eliminate the risks of loss of product quality and safety on the way between the manufacturer and the consumer.




Also an important certificate that confirms our commitment to the highest quality of service and management is the ISO quality certificate.


ISO certification is a series of specific regulations aimed at controlling the company’s management activities, including document flow, material base, resources and other production processes.


Together, these two certificates received for the Corcel Group show our level of development, quality, and the safety of your cargo in our hands!

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