Happy birthday Corcel!

Happy birthday Corcel!
Today the Corcel Group is 13 years old.

Corcel - 13 летIt’s hard to believe that we started back in 2008 with a small office for several people.

For 13 years we have become an international company, now our “horses” travel all over Europe and are recognized on the autobahns of the EU countries. We have opened an office in sunny Spain, Madrid, which has opened up huge opportunities in the market for intra-European transport.

We understood the needs of our clients in customs clearance, so we opened our own customs agency in Poland, where now we can process cargo as quickly as possible.

In Ukraine, we only expanded and grew, so our offices can be found in the 4 largest cities of Ukraine – Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipro.

We also have warehouses in Europe today, and now we can store customer loads under different conditions, be it cosmetics, DIY products or food with temperature control.

Many people came to our team, from different professions, who became the backbone of the company, and each person in the company is its integral part, which pushes the Corcel pendulum only forward.

Our vehicle fleet is constantly growing, we have established contacts with leading carmakers, which make special stylized tractors and trailers for us, which only increases our recognition. We work with the world famous VOLVO brand, which is synonymous with quality and innovation today.

Such a vast geography in work allows us to be proud of what we have achieved and see new horizons for development.

New promising projects, new goals, and undoubted growth await ahead, Happy Birthday Corcel!

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