Transportation of wine by road

Transportation of wine by road

We decided to acquaint you with our experience in transportation, and talk about interesting cargo and the peculiarities of their transportation. We have been transporting alcoholic beverages for a long time, and we have a whole department of logistics specialists who specialize in the transportation of alcohol. Today we will talk about the most difficult alcoholic beverage in terms of transportation, which has a huge number of features – this is wine.

Wine is transported by road in an upright position in special corrugated boxes with partitions, 6-9 bottles each. The boxes should be exactly the size of the bottles so that there is no space or voids in it, so that the bottles do not break when moving. More expensive wines are transported exclusively in wooden boxes in a horizontal position so that the wine touches the cork, the voids are filled with straw.

The most important thing is to comply with the temperature regime, the wine is transported at a temperature of + 16- + 17 degrees. In our fleet we use refrigerators just for these purposes, to maintain the temperature regime, we also have thermal recorders that record temperature changes in the trailer throughout the entire route.

An important condition is the absence of unpleasant odors and dirt inside the trailer, because odors can spoil the wine, so before each loading we wash the trailer and treat it with special preparations so that there are no odors. It is also very important that the trailer has no slots or gaps through which sunlight enters. Neon rays will spoil any wine, so this is very important!

Documents are the main difficulty in transporting any alcohol. The package of documents turns out to be quite impressive, certificate of origin / fito-sanitary certificates / excise taxes / invoices / packings and this is only a small part of everything that will be required when going through customs, by the way, we have brokers who are engaged in the registration of such goods.

And, of course, it is important to properly secure the cargo, the pallets should not be large and cannot be stacked, each pallet should be secured with a belt, and the pallet arrangement should be as tight as possible to remove the swing of the cargo during its transportation.

And – the most important thing when transporting alcohol – you need to choose the right carrier, with experience and already working cases for the transportation of wine. If you are interested in a one-time delivery of wine from European countries to Ukraine or on terms of logistics outsourcing, contact Corcel, and we will guide you on the cost of the transportation you are interested in.

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