Transportation of consolidated cargoes from Europe to Ukraine

Transportation of consolidated cargoes from Europe to Ukraine

Transportation of cargoes for delivery of small consignments is the most convenient and efficient way to reduce the cost of the logistics component today.

From the point of view of the organization issues, delivery of the consolidated cargoes is a much more complicated process than delivery of normal goods, because of the need to comply with a strict cargo clearance procedures, to build the best transportation route as well as to take into account the peculiarities of customs clearance in each of the countries crossed by the vehicle upon delivery.

The most important points for transportation of cargoes:

  • consolidation warehouses in countries from which, in a large part, goods are imported;
  • fast formation of a consolidated cargo, preparation of corresponding marking and dispatch to the destination;
  • quality execution of all customs formalities, advance preparation of all documents required for customs clearance;
  • highly qualified staff, who has experience of working with groupage cargoes.

The Corcel company specializes in cargo transportation from the European Union to Ukraine (and back). Our team organizes truck runs from Europe to the CIS countries, including Ukraine on a regular basis.

On the markets of Ukraine and the EU, we are working since 2008, so our team has extensive experience in the delivery of cargo consolidation.

What gives the opportunity to send your goods in a consolidated cargo to the customer?

  • Significant reduction in the cost of transportation;
  • Ability to track where the truck is;
  • The relatively low cost of customs clearance;
  • Customers do not need to be involved into the whole process of delivery organization (especially for smaller consignments);
  • Ability to deliver cargo “door-to-door”.

What are the main stages for the transportation of the groupage cargo?

  1. Goods are loaded at the points of dispatch and follow to the consolidation warehouse
  2. Staff at the warehouse usually sort received goods by special equipment or manually
  3. Formation of a truck to start the delivery
  4. Customs brokers prepare in advance all the necessary documents for customs clearance
  5. Delivery of goods to final recipients

We have invested into our own warehouses in EU

  • 2 of them are in Spain
  • 1 warehouse is located in Italy
  • 1 warehouse is located in Poland

Given the location of our warehouses, it is very convenient for our customers to ship goods in the consolidated cargoes.

If necessary, we can provide additional services at our warehouses:

  • Storage on the territory of our warehouses;
  • Packaging and labeling.

What documents are required to send the goods as a part of the consolidated cargo?

Our brokers work with any kind of necessary documents for customs clearance. When sending the consolidated cargoes we issue:

  1. Export declaration (EX-1);
  2. Transit declaration (T-1, T-2);
  3. Any transport documents (e.g. CMR);
  4. Carnet TIR;
  5. Any necessary for import formalities permits.

If you are interested in sending your goods within a consolidated cargo once or on a regular basis, please contact Corcel.

Our staff will calculate for you the approximate cost of transportation for any possible option. Send your inquiry to our mailbox or call us via numbers listed at the site.

Also, for the calculation of the cost, you can use the button “Request a rate”.

Oksana Kostyuchenko
Manager of administative activities


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