Transportation / delivery agricultural machinery from Europe to Ukraine

Transportation / delivery agricultural machinery from Europe to Ukraine

Specialized agricultural machinery, produced in Europe, is in great demand among our farmers, so Corcel customers frequently order the transportation of agricultural machinery from Europe to Ukraine.

Types of transported machinery can be divided into:

  • harvest equipment (harvesters, crop harvesting machine);
  • seeding and tillage equipment (drills);
  • forage equipment (mowers, tedders, balers);
  • fertilizer spreaders;
  • sprayers;
  • tractor.

Timely delivery of machinery provides a high productivity of farmers and the effective management. Because agrarian appliances refers to the oversized cargo (oversized cargo has the following characteristics: length – 20 m, width – 2,5 m, height – more than 4m.), you should carefully consider and prepare all the stages of the transportation process, from the choice of a vehicle to import customs clearance.

The most efficient mode of transport for the carriage of equipment is road transport, as in this case, it is possible to deliver the equipment directly to the place of unloading.

Transportation of machinery by railway transport or sea is extremely difficult, because it is very difficult to load equipment into a closed or open-top container or wagon.

Corcel fleet is composed of more than 80 modern vehicles that meet the Euro-5 standard, as well as the ability to use low-bed trailers with loading platform (height of such a platform can be from 0.5 to 1.3 meters) and ramps.

In the carriage of tractors and combines, we use special trawls. Trawl`s load-carrying capacity varies from 20 to 150 tons, and the size of trawls is 16 meters long and 4.5 meters wide.

The first stage of the transportation process:

allocation and securing of the cargo in the truck and studying the route of transportation. It is important to place the goods with the compliance of the vehicle axle. This is very important to ensure the safety during transportation, as well as for the safety of the equipment. Any machinery should be carefully secured inside the car with the main and additional security features. Together with our drivers, we often work on transportation route in order to avoid accidents and downtime of the machine on the road.

The second stage:

preparation of all necessary documents for customs clearance. Our brokers are experienced specialists in the transportation of bulky goods, we transport agricultural machinery for more than 8 years, so well know the whole list of necessary documentation, as well as the process of customs clearance.

The cost of transportation of agricultural equipment is determined by our experts, depending on the weight, load size, the need for additional equipment, as well as on the distance from the loading to the unloading point.

Our experts will provide you on request with all necessary information, as well as calculate the cost of transportation you are interested in.

If you are interested in transportation of agricultural machinery, please send us your request to e-mail or use the phone numbers that are listed at our website.


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