International transportation of drugs

International transportation of drugs

International transportation of drugs is an extremely important process, because it requires compliance with all the rules of transportation, as well as a responsible approach to each stage of the transportation process.

As a rule, modern refrigerators, relevant to the European standards shall be used for the transportation of drugs.

The Corcel logistics company has an extensive experience in international traffic of drugs. Clients of Corcel often choose transportation by road, as it allows you to order a separate vehicle with a refrigeration unit, thus reducing the logistic component, as well as to deliver drugs in a limited timeframe.

Our experts provide you with such services during drugs carriage:

  • development of a safe transportation route;
  • preparation of the vehicle (ventilation, treatment of the surface of the van);
  • product labeling;
  • preparation of shipping documentation;
  • customs clearance;
  • express delivery;
  • storage at the Corcel warehouses in EU in case of need.

The Corcel company specializes in the transportation / delivery of goods, including transportation of drugs from the EU to Ukraine (and vice versa). Runs of trucks from Europe to Ukraine and other CIS countries are carried out regularly.

In the markets of Ukraine and the EU we are working since 2008, so we have acquired extensive experience in the delivery of drugs which require temperature control.

The main points on which to focus attention during transportation of drugs?

  • Medications should be transported in insulated vans or in refrigerators with a clearly defined levels of temperature and humidity;
  • Deviation in temperature conditions during transportation of pharmaceuticals is unacceptable. We can provide a termoregistrator, by which customers can check the temperature level of the vehicle at each stage of carriage;
  • Particular types of medications (eg, vaccines, immunological agents) must be packed into a separate container (especially drugs in glass bottles, ampoules), and reliably fixed inside the truck, so it is very important not to damage packaging of drugs during transportation;
  • It is necessary to isolate the cargo from the direct sunlight.

Particular attention should be paid to documentation in transit. It must fully comply with the rules and standards of transportation and / or storage of goods. Our experts will help the customer to obtain all necessary permits for export / import of drugs in the relevant bodies.


We also recommend our customers to first get acquainted with the laws of the countries into which you plan to transport drugs. Each country has its own peculiarities of imports of goods, including drugs.

We can cite some examples from our practice:

  • European countries have banned the import of certain psychotropic drugs and analgesics;
  • Eastern Europe and China have restrictions on the importation of immunological vaccines and biologicals;
  • transportation of drugs without a true documentation, as well as the absence of international certificates in many countries is covered by criminal responsibility, so you can entrust the preparation of documentation only by the experienced counterpart.

Our team is ready to provide you with all the information you are interested in.

Send your inquiry to our mailbox or call numbers that are listed at our website.

We guarantee timely delivery of your cargo and drugs at a competitive cost.

Oksana Kostyuchenko
Manager of administative activities


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