Transportation of perishable goods from EU to Ukraine

Transportation of perishable goods from EU to Ukraine

Transportation of perishable goods from EU to Ukraine is not only one of the most technically complex, but also the most responsible kind of transportation of goods.

As a general rule, our customers order a transportation in a reefer, if perishable goods are being transported (chilled, frozen foods, as well as those that lose their quality with temperature fluctuations).

The most often transported perishable goods:

  • meat and fish;
  • milk products;
  • vegetables and fruits;
  • cheeses, sausages;
  • semi-finished products;
  • pharmaceutical products;
  • chemicals, etc.

The Corcel company specializes in the delivery of perishable goods from the European Union to Ukraine (and in a reverse direction). Our team permanently organizes deliveries from Europe to the CIS countries, including Ukraine.

We are working since 2008 and we have extensive experience in the delivery of goods that require special temperature.

What are the main features of the transportation of perishable goods from EU to Ukraine?

  • control over the maintenance of a specified temperature level;
  • compliance with health regulations during the transportation of perishable goods;
  • a clear time frame for delivery of the goods (many of these products have a limited shelf life).

Today, transportation of perishable goods can be carried out by any mode of transport – by road, rail, water, air – in containers or refrigerated vans. In each case, our team develops the most convenient transportation route and selects the most suitable vehicle.

More often our customers choose road transportation, as transportation cost is not high, delivery time is acceptable, as a rule, for the customer. In addition, it is possible to deliver the goods door-to-door.

According to the regulations for the transport of perishable products, there are several classes of refrigerators equipped with a refrigerating unit:

  1. A (from + 12 ° C and 0 ° C inclusive), in the refrigerators of this type cooling system with low power are usually installed, main products transported at such a temperature level, – flowers, bread, pastry;
  2. B (+ 12 ° C to – 10 ° C), type B is used usually (chilled meat, eggs) for certain products;
  3. C (+ 12 ° C to – 20 ° C), the products that require a deep-frozen are often transported in a refrigerator of type C.

For the carriage of goods for a short distance, you can also use the insulated container in which the temperature is maintained due to the insulating material. The temperature inside the isotherm will depend on the conditions of loading of goods into the vehicle. Additionally, to maintain the temperature of the isotherms dry ice can be used.

Sea transportations of perishable products are more common in countries with a high level of development of the port infrastructure. At large distances fish, seafood and meat can be transported. During transportation, the goods should pass further quality control at intermediate points of delivery.

Air delivery of goods can be performed if fresh flowers, animals, birds, etc. are being transported, when the time factor is extremely important to preserve the cargo.

What is important to know to carry out customs clearance of perishable goods?

When conducting customs clearance you need to register phytosanitary or veterinary certificates for certain types of products

As part of the fleet Corcel has modern refrigerators that are equipped with autonomous systems of temperature level maintaining. Importantly, our client can monitor the temperature level in a vehicle during the whole transportation. Our professionals have extensive experience in the transportation of perishable goods, as well as in the process of customs clearance at such transportation.

Send your request to or contact us via the numbers that are listed at our website. Corcel staff will help you to choose the best vehicle, transportation route, and will calculate for you an approximate cost of transportation

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