Delivery of spare parts for cars from Europe to Ukraine

Delivery of spare parts for cars from Europe to Ukraine

One of the main activities of the Corcel company is an international delivery of spare parts and accessories for motor vehicles (as a rule, from the European Union to Ukraine). The main consumers of these products are warehouses and shops for auto parts, car dealers and private individuals.

The volume of cargo can be in each individual case very different, so we offer our customers the option of shipment in the consolidated cargo. Consolidated cargo possibility is an opportunity to reduce logistics costs.

Transporting parts consists usually of several stages:

  • loading of goods at a warehouse of the sender;
  • issuing of export declaration EX-1;
  • consolidation of the cargo, if necessary, at our warehouses in Europe;
  • delivery of goods to Ukraine;
  • preparation of documents for the import of goods;
  • customs clearance;
  • assist clients in obtaining all necessary permits and certificates in their respective bodies.

When transporting spare parts it is important to focus on the 2 most complex issues.

1. The most difficult step in the process of transportation of spare parts is the warehousing of components, since a lot of items are being transported, each item has its own article, all components must be properly packaged, labeled and loaded from a warehouse by the request of the consumer.

The Corcel company owns warehouses on the territory of European countries (Spain, Italy, Poland).

This makes it possible to transport cargo, carry out the process of the goods selection, the formation of the consignment as efficiently as possible. Our specialists in warehouse logistics set up all the processes at our warehouses, so that we can satisfy our customers’ needs quickly and accurately.

2. Custom clearance of spare parts and components requires attention to the preparation and verification of all the documents necessary for the submission to the customs authorities. When transporting the components we help our clients to obtain:

  • export declaration EX-1;
  • Carnet-TIR;
  • certificate of conformity;
  • special permits, and others.

With regard to the duties of tax payment for the majority of items 0% customs duty and 20% VAT are used. However, there are exceptions. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the process of customs declaration.

The main type of goods that we import:

  • engines and necessary components (motor power supply system, cooling system, lubrication system);
  • transmission (gearbox, clutch, bridges);
  • running gear (wheels, chassis, suspension, etc.);
  • tires;
  • batteries;
  • accessories;
  • chemicals and much more.

If you are interested in transportation of auto spare parts and accessories, please contact Corcel, our experts will advise you on all matters, and will calculate for you the approximate cost of delivery of spare parts from Europe to Ukraine.

Please write to or call us via the phone number indicated on our website.

Oksana Kostyuchenko
Manager of administative activities


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