Consolidation of cargoes at Corcel warehouses

Consolidation of cargoes at Corcel warehouses

Сorсel company specializes in international cargo transportations from the European Union to Ukraine (and back) by road.

Transportation of goods in the consolidated cargo enable to deliver the goods to our customers quickly and at a competitive cost, which is very important for the clients as it`s not profitable to order a separate vehicle for the delivery of small consignments.

A key link in the delivery of cargoes is a consolidation warehouse.

Where are Corcel’s consolidation warehouses located?

Company Corcel invested in its own warehouses on the territory of the EU. We have 4 warehouses, two of which are located in Spain, 1 in Italy, 1 more – in Poland.

Thanks to such an ability, we can provide our customers with the most qualitative services.

What is consolidation?

Consolidation of cargoes is the union of small consignments, which belong to different senders in one package for further transportation into one separate truck. Thus the procedure of customs clearance is greatly simplified, as well as the logistics component is significantly reduced.

In the case of delivery as a part of groupage cargo we provide:

  • Loading of goods at the warehouse of a sender
  • Delivery by truck to the consolidation warehouse
  • Handling at the warehouse
  • Marking of goods
  • Formation of a container depending on size, type of load (fragile, dangerous, special, etc.)
  • Customs clearance
  • Delivery of goods to the final recipient

The Corcel company specializes in cargo transportation from the European Union to Ukraine (and back). Our team organizes truck runs from Europe to the CIS countries, including Ukraine on a regular basis.

On the markets of Ukraine and the EU, we are working since 2008, so our team has extensive experience in the delivery of cargo consolidation.

What stages does consolidation process suggests?

  1. Once the goods have been delivered to the closest consolidation warehouse, our warehouse staff inspect incoming goods:

– for compliance with the data specified in the shipping documentation;
– for the presence of the necessary documents for final delivery process.

  1. An act of acceptance of goods is being issued
  2. Small batches are classified according to the route direction, load type, size etc.
  3. Consolidated package of documents for customs clearance is being formed
  4. Goods are being delivered to the final recipient

What services are available at our consolidation warehouses?

  • Storage (at a preassigned temperature level)
  • Packaging, palletizing
  • Reweighting
  • Labelling of specific goods etc.

In which case it is better to use a separate vehicle for transportation?

  1. In the case of transportation of perishable goods, as goods for consolidation for several days are kept at the warehouse
  2. If the total amount of one consignment fill almost the entire container volume. The cost in this case is almost the same, but the delivery time will increase due to the collection of goods from other senders.
  3. Dangerous goods are transported not very often, so the sender of such goods may wait for a long time until the entire package will be gathered

Corcel company regularly organizes truck runs via consolidation warehouses in different directions. Therefore, the delivery of goods to our customers is always carried out in a timely manner and at competitive prices.

If you are interested in the carriage of goods as a part of the groupage cargo, please contact Corcel, our team will calculate for you the approximate cost of such deliveries (one-time, or on the basis of logistics outsourcing). Send your request to mail or call us via numbers listed at our web-site.

Oksana Kostyuchenko
Manager of administative activities


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